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Most of us know, at least one person to avoid certain foods, because they cause a bad reaction that having a bad reaction to food isn't the same as having a food allergy. Komo's Connie Thompson tells us why a lot of people have it. All wrong jam never study found nineteen percent of people believe they had a food allergy. When only eleven percent actually had a true food, allergies. Food allergies attack your immune system, while a food intolerance affects your digestive system within tolerances can eat the food without serious consequences. But for someone with an allergy touching inhaling or ingesting, even a microscopic amount of the food can be deadly. When in doubt talk to an allergist again food allergies can be severe. They could be fatal. It's not a food allergy than I think it's important to speech here physician and possibly capable log. Your symptoms of your diet, the foods that are making not feel as well food intolerance could stem from a variety of reasons including irritable, bowel syndrome Sealy at disease or sensitivity to food, additives, it may cause discomfort, but it's not fatal. And remember, you can develop food allergies and intolerances after tiled hood, nearly half of the food allergy sufferers. In the JAMA study reported a new allergy in adulthood. It can be confusing to a patient. The most important thing I would say, is to identify whether it is a food allergy or not, because it is a food allergy that you need to have certain precautions in place, and carry certain medications with you in Casey do food, allergic reaction, helping to identify whether it's an intolerance is also important because it could just make your quality of life much better. So when in doubt, get tested by an allergy specialist, the food and Drug administration. Lists the top eight allergy causing foods as fleet soya, milk eggs, tree nuts peanuts, fish and shellfish. As a lake legend been proven true. Komo's Brian Calvert has more on the video footage that just may make you a believer. Loch Ness, has its monster. That's..

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