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On the radio this morning. I said it was five games under five hundred. I'm actually six games under five hundred. I thought it was five. I'm six games under five hundred and at one point this year I was twenty six games above five hundred. That's a massive turnaround. When I was up? Twenty six games over five hundred. I knew it would come back. You know I knew when I was hitting it seventy percent or whatever it was at that point that it would end up in the fifty somewhere by the time we got to the end of the season I did not. I think that there was a chance that I would end up having my fourth losing season in fourteen years of doing this on radio and on podcast. But that's what we're headed towards because six games under five hundred the only way to get back to even or two five hundred record. Wise is to have every total on every aside in the three remaining games or play the pro bowl. That's right we could still still. I doubt I doubt I'll do the pro bowl. I've never done the proble Robl last week. One into had green. Bay's a winner. Houston as a loser in Baltimore as a loser. The Baltimore game is aggravating. Because it's one of those games where we're You know from an analysis standpoint. I thought Tennessee matched up. Well I thought they had a really good shot that the public play Tennessee last weekend. So I took Baltimore and laid. The ten was never close. yes six games below five hundred. I've got three plays this weekend the public's on Kansas City seeing what they saw last last weekend they think Kansas City will roll. I'll take the titans plus seven also given all the points that were scored in the Kansas City. Houston game the public likes over over fifty two and a half. I'll take under fifty two and a half and then in the NFC championship game. I don't like aside. I'd Lean San Francisco go but I'm not playing that the game's pretty much split in terms of of the public betting they're playing the over in that game though People like over forty six and a half I'll take under forty six and a half in packers forty niners. You know the first four games of this postseason were all unders in in wild card weekend you had Houston Buffalo. That ended up being under game Tennessee New England and was in under game Minnesota New Orleans was an under game Eagles seahawks all four of the wild card games. I went under the total then last week. In the first two Games San Francisco Minnesota Tennessee Baltimore. They went under and then finally in this postseason. You got a two overs with Casey Houston sailing over the total and I leaned over on that game last week on the podcast. Didn't give it out I should have And then Seattle Green. Any Bay went over the total as well. I've got to wonder Sunday. So they're they're three. Plays Titans plus seven under in both games That that would get me to three games below five hundred if I hit all three and I'm not gonna I'M GONNA I'm I've gotTA losing season all wrapped up for the fourth time in fourteen. Fourteen years of doing this ten winning seasons next year it'll be ten winning seasons four losing seasons in the history of the smell test. Who Do you like this weekend? I am leaning thank chiefs and forty niners right now. I'm not totally convinced on the forty niners. I might take a closer look at that but those are where I'm waiting right now. You know the first I game to me. The key to this game is that Tennessee understands going in. They just have to do what they did. Against New England and Baltimore and that what is run the football take shots when they have them and in this particular game more likely than not they're gonNA have to score more than they scored you know in the those two games. They're probably GONNA have to score thirty plus I think they can in this game. They already did it. Once against the chiefs they scored thirty five. I there was one defensive touchdown in that game I think it was a fumble return touchdown that first game I mentioned earlier. I believe I did Kansas City ran seventy eight plays. He's to just forty nine for Tennessee. Derrick Henry was incredible one hundred eighty eight yards. twenty-three carries eight point two yards per carry. You're GonNa let's see Tannahill. Take some shots in this game like they did in the Baltimore game last week when they had the fourth down stop and they went with. You know heavy tight end personnel. Three tight ends one back and they threw deep to that Guy Khalifa. Raymond CLEEF Raymond's get ten catches on the year. Twenty one and a half yards per per catch had a big one fifty two yarder against the chiefs the last time they played. I think you will see Tennessee. Take some shots. I also think Tennessee's sees defense is going to pose a much more difficult challenge for the chiefs offensively. They've got two very good safeties in fired and and Karo Ro and one of those two is GonNa have to check Kelsey and take him out of the game a little bit hard to do. I think Tennessee's got shot to win the game. Outright I'm GONNA play them plus two eighty to ninety whatever it is on the money line To me as I mentioned earlier the packers win if Garoppolo throws up all over himself. That's like the only way I could see it happening running I think the forty niners win. You know something like twenty like they did last week. It's a twenty seven ten twenty seven thirteen kind of a game Where they never sweat it? But I could see Tennessee. Winning thirty one twenty eight thirty four thirty one something like that wouldn't surprise me at all all right and that's it for the day you got anything else. Did we miss anything any breaking news while we were on the air. No nothing to have a good day. Have a good weekend back on Monday..

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