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You can get with express vpn if you visit the Valley Casts Special Link Right. Now at Xpress sweeping dot com touch valley cast you can get an extra three months of express VPN for free. So would like to support our podcast. You can just go to express VPN dot com slash valley cash that's Xpress VPN. Dot Com site valley cast, and also if you're watching something on Netflix, maybe you're going to have to set up to go to the bathroom Joe Butthole. We'll guess what this next ad is. Just for you. It's hard to believe the moon go to the bathroom in this country most of white instead of wash I know it's disgusting. Right? Isn't that right? I said to the copy for years the days have been available but hideously expensive costing thousands of dollars hideously. The to she modern day attachment is here to democratize the blessings bestowed by the days and offer clean bubbles. The everyone. Hello clear precise stream of fresh water for just seventy nine dollars at attached to your existing toilets requires no electricity or additional plumbing and cuts the paper used by eighty percents of the hello. Toshiba. Day. Pays for itself in a few months because with hello touchy you won't wipe it all even the best. You just can't cut it when it comes to a hands-free poop experience, I just installed to she on the front bathroom and I mean it's the. We've talked we've talked about it. It's incredible. It's the wonderful experience. It's worth it and you should do it and it just makes you feel better. especially if you just. Questionable situation down there. Sometimes paper products and uncomfortable shaving when you switch to the soothing cleansing stream of water from hello to. Sheep. Day attachment joined millions of happy hollow customers right now and how to clean bug with every flush he's going to do you're going to go to Helo tissue dot com slash valley cast to get ten percent off is a very special offer for our listeners with Alex. the tissue dot com slash valley gas for ten percent off television dot com slash valley cast back to the show me and..

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