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We have jc eskandar today. Who is the owner of j designed pool and spy. He's be builder extraordinary. The orange county area. I believe jaycees at right around metro. La okay yes so. We're excited to talk to handle because we're gonna talk about pre startups today. How you prepare for these startup. Thanks j. c. For coming on today we appreciate it. You're welcome thanks for inviting me appreciate it absolutely. so dave. what are we concerned about with with pre startups. I know this is the topic that is close to your your heart in regards to make your service guys know what's up a service guy. I i really appreciate working with builders who gives more thought to getting off the ground the right way so many times in in my career Get a phone call in the builder. Just said well the bulls ball get over here when you can and yet they're both will adjust the water spout Equipment hasn't been started. And i think really. We need to work closer together. Builders and service people whether the builder does Does it himself. Or whenever he turns it over to a service person it needs to be better coordinated in jc. I know feels very strongly about that but getting off to a good start is critical. The what's going to happen the rest of the light of the bull so what we really wanted to talk about. What jaycee day. He had some great ideas of what needs to be done and coordinated between the builder and the service tech leading up to plaster day. How do we get own ready to start up. It's gone through sometimes years of construction process. At least months the homeowners chomping at the bit to get in get all these people off his property so he can have it back to themselves and this is step one of the process that gets him where he wants to be. Think casey exactly end up. As dave mentioned it's also what the plaster quarries expecting as well because because of it or not. i think it's a three way Not only the builder making sure. He's construction skills and he's determined to lever shell that it's probably i mean perfectly breadth or the blast crew to really work and do an excellent job and at the same time the service technician service company or wherever sticking care that will has the tools and knows exactly how old that transition works The elder is not there or the plaster crew. They usually they're just hired to do that Very few companies nina house last circle because it's just tremendous are loaded work unless it's a blessing company does just that but in general speaking. It's really only you know the transition between those and that's that's the the real in nutshell those three three moving parts that i need to work together day. Yes so how how far in advance of actual plaster day do we start to prepare for the startup. and let's start with. Yeah that's that's a great question in my opinion really starts if it is a near new construction from the excavation and i say they'll sings because a lot of the times either service technician or the blaster crew do not know where the problem is or how. How did we got here into this problem. If they don't understand where that he should came from an a lot of times. The excavation was not supervised properly and they may have you know on not enough room for the steel to go properly or the allegation is off. You're going to have problems. You know Servicing deadpool bull because the blogger will have to put this the the schemer or lines too low to high and all those little details. Sep start to add

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