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Rockies as you on Lopez delivers a breaking ball strike to Brendan Rodgers Brendan with a strikeout and doubled his last time up, put runners at 2nd and 3rd with nobody out in the fourth inning, and Iraqis couldn't score. Swings and misses at a pitch that bounced And it's going to Other breaking ball. The Iraqis have chased a lot of breaking pitches tonight. Lot of young hitters. And you, Khun See that Lopez got ready to pitch and then backed off. And swing and a miss on a breaking ball in Roger's, goes down on strikes for the second time. So you have Dia's with a strikeout forint is with two Rogers with two Hilliard with Tuas. Sam gets ready to hit. And Drew Butera and Garrett Hampson has won. The only Veteran hitter If you will, who has struck out or regular player is Charlie Blackmon. Sam looks at a fast ball low ball one, gets a right handed pitcher now after the two strikeouts against the lefty Robby Ray. Interesting line for the Arizona pitchers. 10 strikeouts, seven walks. And to hit hits by the Rockies. Breaking ball misses 20 No. I'm sorry. Jack Kevin Ginko, the right hander in the bullpen for the D backs. And of course, the game is incredibly easier watching it than it is actually playing it on DH. Always good. Remind ourselves of that. Sam. It's a bouncer up the middle back behind the second base bag is Mom it but his throat of first is not in time and Sam Hilliard legs out an infield hit against the shift. Mama had to go to his right. Made a good throw. Sam just out ran it. I have to check the replay that ball might have gone off. The fingertips of Lopez was really close. Since the speed of a big man that is so impressive with Sam Hilliard. Hip. He beat it. There won't be any challenge by Arizona. See if the Rockies Khun do something with it is Drew Butera takes strike one. True as struck out and flied to left. On the fly ball. The left wasn't deep enough to Get the runner Diaz home from third back in the fourth, throw over to first and Kill your gets back, Sam. A good base stealer. Two for two. Iraqis have a stolen base from Trevor Story tonight..

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