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The pandemic Today he baptized 9 girls and 7 boys all children of parents who are employees of the Vatican later at his customary Sunday address to those gathered in Saint Peter's square the Pope called for dialog and justice to put an end to the violent unrest in Kazakhstan Sabina Castelfranco CBS News Rome Pope Francis has sent an encouraging letter to a nun in Maryland in the letter he thanks sister jeanine Graeme for her 50 years of ministry to LGBTQ Catholics She lives in Mount Rainier The Washington Post reports sister jeanine was investigated and censured by the Vatican for her work two decades ago She says she was overjoyed to get the letter which is one of a series that the Pope has written this year to gay Catholics and others who are serving an advocating for LGBTQ people Scientists say their alarm by the changes they're seeing in the Arctic Snow and sea ice are rapidly melting The long frozen tundra is growing green And on the highest point of Greenland's ice sheet rain was recorded for the first time last summer Should we be concerned Absolutely Climate specialist Rick toman helped write the annual Arctic report card We did have parts of the Arctic the warmest fall 2020 The theme is really continued disruption in the Arctic Disruption he says to the lives of Arctic animals and people The changes have already occurred They can't be undone Roxanna saberi CBS News London A clampdown on fake news is underway in advance of elections in a European nation It's called the Swedish psychological defense agency A new government authority set up to combat fake news and other kinds of misinformation The agency says it aims to defend Sweden's open and democratic society by increasing Swedes knowledge and awareness of what it costs inappropriate influences France established a similar agency last year In London Simon Owen Fox News coming up in money news the trucking industry is now aiming its recruitment efforts at women It's 1254 Have.

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