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A commercial license. Only sports bars had it, which was a great. So we did all the right promotions that it was fun to way to make that successful was if you're in Chicago, not to do the bears on Sunday because everybody else did the bears on Sunday in Chicago. So we would do is we would take the five most popular teams other than the local team. So we have a Packer backer. We'd have patriot fans, we'd have forty fifty of each ones. We'd put them each in front of their own TV and we'd put a service person in their jersey, and we would make an awful lot of money by not targeting vocal team. And you know, that was a great way to make money. Because again, in everybody's typically doing in Chicago, everybody's doing a bears thing. So it was interesting, not too, and you'll get a kick out of this. The most successful Monday night football thing I ever did was I hate football, Mondays. And what I did is we did. I hate football Mondays and we would pack the bar with women. It was a ladies night on Monday night and then we'd still put the game on. So where would you rather watch the game with his three hundred women. That's how we would make money from it back in those days. But you certainly don't want to have a political discussion, but did the lower NFL ratings just in and of itself concern you? I would like to just jump in and say that the ratings from yesterday's game one or up thirty plus percent from last year they actually did. Numbers came in earlier today that the single header CBS game was way above the charts better as a number than it was last year. And actually I expected numbers to kind of follow that. Not Nestle thirty plus percent up, but the numbers will probably be up again this year..

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