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The morning your election connection seven ten W. O. R. radio station it's thirty nine degrees at three o'clock good morning I'm Lisa Matteo the snow was behind us and the final totals are in Kingston in Ulster county so the most snow fall with four inches while Central Park received two point one the weather causing slick conditions on the roads in the Bronx of fifteen car pile up left one person being treated for life threatening injuries six others were also taken to the hospital in less of your condition it took place around one thirty PM on the Bronx river parkway south bound by east two hundred and thirty third street despite the weather thousands of women took part in the fourth annual women's March in the city the messages unity we want to unify the city we want to talk about our issues to make sure that we're getting everything we need out to perpetuate the message along with New York marches took place in over three hundred cities organizer say the goals include ending violence against women protecting reproductive rights and the environment the first women's March to more than five hundred thousand people to the nation's capital the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president we're now hearing apologies about photos taken from the two thousand seventeen women's March the National Archives and records administration is apologizing for altering pictures that were doctor to blur the president's name the photos are part of a display of women demonstrating going back to nineteen thirteen the news is brought to you by doctor leader men's radiosurgery New York call two one two choices for more information and listen to doctor leader ins radiosurgery show coming up next right here on seven ten W. O. R. in sports the next lost a close one to the seventy Sixers ninety to eighty seven the Brooklyn nets fell to the box and on the ice the islanders loss to the capitals and the New Jersey Devils were crushed by the blue jackets five to nothing here's your W. O. R. weather channel forecast temperatures rising overnight low forties meaning that we'll see the rain showers out there watch out for Winchell's dealt in the twenties partly sunny colder and gusty for your Sunday high struggle low forties they were partly cloudy colder Sunday night low twenties Winchell's will operate on tender grease by early Monday morning the rest of Martin Luther king junior day on Monday were mostly sunny and cool highs low thirties I'm address Tabor Harian Megan will always be much love family members but Queen Elizabeth says they are no longer working members of the royal family announcement from Buckingham Palace Saturday made it clear that they both are giving up their Royal Highness titles and will not receive public funds start your day with Len Berman and Michael real in the mornings six until ten week days I'm Lisa Matteo on seven ten W. O. R. and NBC news radio station the following is a paid program W. O. R. is airing of this program constitutes neither an endorsement of the products offered for the ideas expressed for cancer.

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