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More information visit jurassicworld livedoor dot com eight fifty three traffic and weather together on the server retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes what's up Laura granting another ten point four stand by especially on that situation that's been going on with the north bound for ninety five situation the fatal crash investigation continues on the off ramp to route eighty five in Milford now the rabbits office open but traffic is still slow for about twelve miles getting to that point eastbound mass pike five miles for the sluggish traffic perching for ninety five and then after that it's heavy to Framingham to Cambridge street in all states northbound express way still top of the split up past Columbia road twenty four southbound left lane crash watch out for just before route forty four in rain have traffic is slow for about two miles there that's the southbound side north bound continues to be heavy with can gesture from here symbol of art in a bunch of emerging Randolph ninety three southbound in the top one force all day still real slow through with the win and and over Wilmington and then really slow from Park Street in December bill for ninety five south bound by that slow from two thirteen am if they went in ninety three in route three southbound continues to be slow as well drum hill the trouble cold and then getting on to one twenty eight Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three D. devore now with the four day WBZ accu weather forecast brought to you by the salvation army good morning to you there via north shore community still seeing some of that rain as it moves up through lowland Lawrence towards he role and on to the north of behind that were drying out maybe a little drizzle and some sprinkles but then very Billy cloudy and cold today chilly temperatures up to the low forties still.

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