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Do you like conversation? A variety of topics feel like no one gets. Tired of hearing the same people sports catastrophe talk. Yeah, we feel that went to. Join to high functioning Geeks as they discuss just about anything under the Sun. We can't tell you what we'll be talking about each week. Because we don't know where I've, rains will take us. It will be an interesting conversation, though so hang on and join us. Here comes the relentless. I feel like a radio DJ. I've got the boom Mike. Stay honestly you're you're? There's more stuff going on instead of the Little Mike off the the headphones and stuff like that so. Upgrading Where my computer is, this is not the most ideal setup, but you know when you have so many people living in one household. You kind of get relegated to what you can take. Especially in the hallway in the corner. and. Control Desk with the the background decree on the shelves. That's my bookshelf I had to move my bookshelf in the hallway. So I'm actually looking at getting a smaller desk, which will be interesting with two monitors and turn it sideways so I have my back against the wall and I'm getting a green screen for that and I'm going to get a better. Webcam because I really am looking ahead to a lot. More virtual video interviews talks like that seeing that for your. WORDSMITHS! The authors thing so that'll began. And I found some star wars actually Lucasfilm gave out a whole bunch of freeze zoom meeting backgrounds so I'm GonNa. Sit in the Millennium Falcon. There you go. It's a funny I I've tried with. My real world. Either in my TV room or up here in the sky that in the office and I I, just like blanking out, and having our our little moon arise over or stating maybe at Sunrise, I'm not sure it would have to be sunrise with the amount of light putting out you know. The Moon doesn't give you quite that much. Unless, it's an enhanced photoshop. Picture True, enough? In nowadays, you really can't tell reality you know. What I mean got deep fakes coming out so well..

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