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He trained one hundred forty of those ground are a Pensacola a hundred twenty eight are at naval station Mayport and thirty five right Naval Air Station whiting field all in Florida investigators have questioned other Saudi students at Pensacola some of whom reportedly took cell phone video at the scene of the attack you won't have to sign a paper when you buy fireworks claiming you'll only use them for farming lighting a rail way if the bill in the state Senate passes the Senate committee passed a measure that would let people over eighteen buy fireworks they could set off a new year's eve new years day Memorial Day July fourth concerns come about the effects of exploding fireworks on pets raising the wild fire risk end on people who suffer P. T. S. D. I'm John the question newsradio WFLA now here's a look at sports WFLA sports forty five ninety five three W. P. eight AM six twenty sports center on merit Jacob said the lightning were playing a second night of a back to back set last night against the Florida Panthers on the road and they won the game by a final score of two to one to approve the fifteen eleven and three on the season up next for the lightning there back on tomorrow night taking on the visiting Boston Bruins couple days ago we had a record setting deal for a pitcher in Major League Baseball when Stephen Strasberg finalizes deal with the Washington nationals well yesterday he was bested by Gerrit Cole Cole in the New York Yankees have agreed to a record nine year three hundred twenty four million dollar contract a few days ago in the Buccaneers win over the colts wide receiver Mike Evans pulled a hamstring well because of that injury hit season is over after thirteen games were more these stories are sort of Tampa Bay sports radio ninety five three W. D. A. N. A. M. six twenty where you can check out the pattern just starting out traffic update within three minutes on news radio WFLA.

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