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Came today is the 18th of April and we are here to catch up on the weekend tennis at passing shot headquarters, especially backed by our crowdfunders Georgina Davis and Mark Underwood. We have had our first masters event on the clay this season, the masters 1000 event in Monte Carlo, Stefano sits past is our champion. He was the champion last year. He's the champion this year retaining his title, and that is not bad way I think to start the clay season a very difficult thing to do to retain your title. I think he's the first person outside of the big three to do that in a long, long time. But before we get into all of that, Kim, of course, it is Easter. I've got to ask you the big question that is on is in my head and I'm sure he's on everyone's lips. Of our listeners, what Easter egg, what Easter egg have you gone into? I'm sure you've tucked into have you tucked into a few over the weekend? What Easter egg have I gone into? I've got into a Cadbury's egg. I'm very traditional in that sense. But we can't, yeah. No. What about you? It's so underwhelmed. It's so underwhelming. Have you gone for a fancy hotel chocolat egg then Joel? Not hotel chocolate, but I do, I do posh it up a little bit over Easter. I've gone with, I think you have to, it's got to be lint, the lint chocolate Easter egg, lint chocolate balls as well at Christmas time. It's just got to be done. It's like, for me, it's like the seasonal, it's the seasonal chocolate of choice and Cadbury's, I just don't think it really doesn't elevate the occasion Kim. Come on. I think you've just been sold by Roger Federer like advertising for Lin, haven't you? You just been like, you've succumbed to their marketing. No, I mean, I do love a bit of chocolate. I mean, happy Easter to any of our listeners who have been celebrating. I've been kind of off in the southwest of England for a few days, which has been really nice. Lovely weather as well. We've had a reason. So yeah, it all been very nice, indeed, and very nice, as you said for stefanos it's bass because he's one of his first title of the year, defending his French Open crown. What am I saying? Defending his you are getting ahead of yourself. A few guys had to get sorry. Obviously he had too much Easter chocolate. Defending his Monte Carlo crown. 6 three 7 6 in the final against Alejandro davidovich for kina, who, you know, aside from defending his title, was probably arguably definitely the story of the week. Reaching his first masters final and, well, really making a name for himself. At this stage, are this level on the tour? Yeah, definitely. It's been it's been really impressive from davidovich for kina because he put himself on the map with that victory against Novak Djokovic. I mean, we were going into this tournament. Now looking back on it, a little foolishly thinking sort of nailed in for a Djokovic Carlos alcaraz quarterfinal, but by was it day one day two, both Djokovic and alcaraz had lost and davidovich for kina was very, very good in that match against Djokovic and we'll come on to that in a bit, but let's start with stephanos best because he is the winner. He is the champion and it's just amazing I think for Sisyphus because, as you said, he's retained a masters 1000 title. He's the first non big three player to do that since Andy Murray in Shanghai back in the 2010 2011 season. So a long, long time ago, it just shows that I think how difficult that is to become and I think this tournament is just shows with Sisyphus, although I think there are faults there, you know, with his game and you see that, I think, particularly like on a hard court and we've seen that I think at the start of the season, he's already got, I think, 7, losses on the tour. Yes, he is the match wins leader, but he's had a few losses where I think I've been a little bit surprised by, but coming onto the clay. I mean, his game just works so, so well. And I think this week really, really showed it. And I think particularly for me, the time he is allowed by a clay court really, really helps in terms of particularly I think his ground strokes, you know, I know he hits a heavy ball, particularly on the forehand, which I think was really key to his success, really kind of staying in offensive positions from the back of the court, but also one of his backhand side as well, and also, you know, certainly I think with him, again, I think being questions about that backhand side, but the fact that even on a clay court with that high bounce, he is able to kind of get round and break out his forehand, and I think is really, really helped him in terms of getting into these kind of winning positions. And I think that served him really, really well throughout the whole week and apart from that match against Schwartzman in the quarterfinals, which was an absolutely wild ride. Yeah, he played very, very well in the final. Yeah, definitely. Definitely able to run round and hit the forehand more often. He's got the times to do that on a clay court and get that kind of angles, it really is, yeah, definitely, I think his surface, isn't it? His game is so much more effective. And he served really well against David Richard Burkina in the final, so much better on all the kind of stats is clear kind of winner in that regard. It was just when he was serving for the match, had a bit of a wobble. He was able to break back, went to a tie break, but I mean, really, since has been, you know, pretty comfortable. I guess, for a lot of the tournament, it was really that Schwartzman quarterfinal that he, as you said, went for love down in the third set and had to come all the way back, but aside from that, you know, he had solid win over Sasha zverev, win over laszlo, for nini. So obviously really, I think good for him going into the rest of the places and to have this kind of wind for his confidence because he's been really off the ball for a while. Neither of us really thought he was going to defend his title when we were making predictions this time last week. You know, we were kind of just focusing on alcaraz and Djokovic, as you said. And I was going about Yannick sinner for some reason. But yeah, it's a really positive week, I think, going into the French Open, you know, he will be defending his final at the French Open as well. He's got lots of points there to defend, you know, he obviously lost in 5 sets of the Djokovic last year. Many people are now considering its passes, you know, I guess he would already have been one of the favorites, but it's going up in the form books and the odds perhaps. I think one question mark for me is around his position where he does get into those kind of winning moments in those scenarios where he does have the opportunity to serve it out and we saw that in the final he wasn't able to do it..

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