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Number four, the Ohio states Cuba's programs in the big ten, both on one, big ten network all officially be worried about Michigan. See if they lose to western Michigan. Okay. For stories to start talking about. Unexpected energy. Double. Sorry, just Alabama off to a good start after their win over Louisville to a tongue of all who's been named the starter is now the favourite to win the Heisman, see, what do you think you think that's on the table for? Yeah. I mean, he is the quarterback, Dave never had it, Alabama will Nick saving. They haven't had one like that since name our stabler. That's how long is been since they've had a great now. He is a dual threat, but he's a pocket passer, who's a very good athlete, man. I didn't know about this kid because I got friends who coached him up in college at a few camps and everything they say about the kid is true, great on and off the field also a great leader and you saw on week one, why? It's no real decision between he and Jalen, and that's not an indictment on Jalen and we've seen quarterbacks that were far inferior passers win the Heisman when their team is great when they have this dominant team that we think Alabama might. So, yeah, the odd. Makers got this, right? He Dwayne Haskins should be on that list. There's a lot of other guys, not one, but he certainly should be the top of the NFL Andrew lock. We'll take the field on Sunday for the first time since the two thousand sixteen season luck admitted. He was scared to his core that he'd never play football again, perfectly understandable. Given what he went through, Nick, what are you looking for from luck sixteen healthy games and to be a top third of the NFL quarterback top ten quarterback. I don't think that's I. I want to be fair to Andrew luck, and I don't want to say he's got instantly be who wasn't twenty fourteen with the forty touchdowns in one of the five best quarterbacks in football. I don't. I don't think that's reasonable after a year off football and really a couple years since he's been healthy, but full sixteen games and top ten quarterback, Jim, you've seen these injuries. One being Tiger Woods. We saw how it changed his perspective, how he's giving us insight. Andrew luck. No player in the pros has given us. NFL has given us more insight. Than Andrew luck. So pulling for him. He is a top ten quarterback, I believe we're going to see that he is the ultimate force multiplier. I think we're gonna see great things out Indianapolis, but we gotta seem healthy at the end of the season fun to watch Matt Ryan and the falcons. We'll take on the defending Super Bowl champion eagles tomorrow night. When asked about Atlanta's prospects, Ryan said, I feel we have a good talented team, put it all out there. Matty, Nick. What are your expectations for the falcons season? Oh, that they go back to the playoffs. Once again that they are a team that we discusses a potential Super Bowl Representative out of the brutal enough, see and that they are right there in the toughest division football, the NFC south like I don't. It would not shock me at all. If the Valk have the best record in the NFL this year, I'm not predicting it, would they have that level of talent? And if they can clean up that red zone playcalling, they will get back to being maybe the most prolific offense. Good point to Nick Archies in his second year. Offense coordinator. He's trying to get Julio Jones more involved in the red zone. As you see all the top receivers Julio Jones didn't have the overall touchdown productivity as this team last year also because you're analytics, you put in for bad bounces. That's what you do for Michigan. No team have more bad bounces of good team than Atlanta did last year. So I expect them double digit wins at the minimum. Their AT&_t. talking about fumble luck. I like my analytics guy. That's what he gave me taught me that I like look, sporting Tuesday and smarter now and finally aired on training camp after signing a monster new contract. This is the Rams get ready for their Monday night game against the raiders. He said, I'd be lying if the new contract didn't bring new pressure, Chris, how much pressure is on Donald and the Rams this season? Oh, no, Israel, no, it's real. You get that money, those different expectations..

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