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That amongst the rule changes this year, we all know the D H in the National League out crazy that is, and then Run around second in the 10th inning. That's another one. But don't forget now. Relievers must face three batters at a minimum. And I know we discussed it at the time. Um and you're quartered in here. You if I'm reading this right you eat. This might mean starters stay in longer or what? You thought my Well, look, First of all, I've always believed that a big leaguer should be able to get readies enough. These happen. I think for the most part you're you're left handed specialist you right handed specialist. I think that's away from managers to cover their ass. Seriously. If he goes in and brings a left hander against the left hander hitter. Well, then, you know he's not going to get a lot of flak and postgame interviews that they don't work out. If you leave that right hander in there to face a ride, and then two lefties that air the middle of the order, guys. Well, guess what. If he's not successful, that manager is going to take some heat? Why? Because that's the perception that every writer has You play the odds that you play the numbers, and that's the smart move. We see it. Traditionally, every postseason managers are really conservative to to those statistics. But I've always felt that if you are good enough to get to the big leagues, you should be able To go ahead and get right. He's out as well. And it has always bothered me from day one of my professional career when you have a guy coming out of pin, you know, the first thing you're looking at. You're looking at what's he got that day. This is not a statute step statistic coming out there from the bullpen. This is a human being. And there are some days where that fastballs there and that guy's Nastia don't matter who's hit, And then there's other days. He hasn't God squad Yet you see traditionalists. Manager's covering their butts. That they will play a guy who's throwing a great fastball just cruises through. The first guy now left handed left handers coming up. That guy's gone and that bothers me. You know, it's just if a guy's got to go in that they let him pitch. So I like the fact that they're going to 33 batter minimum this year. I think that's a good rule. It'll save some of the time that we have to wait for a guy coming in getting heated up. Go to commercial break all that, blah, blah, blah. And, uh and it'll make pictures better. It'll make pictures better. Yeah, I'm with you Get it right. Get him left. And I'm with you in general. Um It became over specialize, although it's interesting this statue that that was becoming used less as the years have gone on, But either way, we'll do our thing. Mike. The other big story we got a hit is the minor league baseball story now. We all sort of dreaded this, But now that it's here, it's just hard to hear. I mean, listen everything out the window this summer. It's all been so weird, but to know that there's no minor league baseball officially for the entire summer of 2020 and What it means economically to 160 different cities and then also just kind of spiritually, too. I mean, you always tell us stories about Midland and tree port and all that, and In Wichita on and here we go, man. It's I'm like I said it was inevitable, but Mike it had to hurt. Oh, my God. It's it's devastating for so many reasons. I mean the first ones from the eyes of the parent organization. You're not getting your play. Your minor league players are not developing. They're not having the ability to to Get their reps to take their attached to throw their innings and I'll tell you a story that 100 Bishop was talking about in chalk talk that we had a couple weeks ago that was really revealing, he said. When he was at Arizona State. The pressure to win was so great they didn't have the ability. And it's about to go and try new things. They just weren't allowed to do it and he thought when he signed and he got into professional baseball, that was such an unbelievable freedom to be able to try things against certain pitcher types to be able to try things in your swing that allow you to hit the opposite way. He says. It was so cool, he says, If you took it over for what you had, for good and bad, you know it was it was invigorating. He loved that about professional baseball. Well, that's not gonna happen this year and the same thing for pitchers. You're not going to be able to go out there. And try and throw a new pitch. You know, When you get to organized baseball, you're being showed different grips your being show different types of movement that applied a different type of swing types that apply the different type of situations within the game. That's what you learned to do to learn how to pitch the situation. Well, those guys are going to be able to do it, plus Even even worse than that. You have Ah, Young starter who's in 1920 year old kid, and he's never thrown more than 80 innings. Ideally, you want increase his workload by 22. 30 innings a year that gives him natural buildup of arm strength. Now, sudden that sets all these guys back. That's not gonna happen. So that's that's the physical side of this. I live in Reno. And one of the pride and joy of of Reno or the Reno Oasis, the Triple a affiliate with the Diamondbacks. But this is a really good baseball city, and it's it's a Giants. MEChA. People love the Giants up here more than any other team. They love their races. They don't care who the parent club is. That's their team. It's their baseball and it's not here wherever I go if I'm going to the cleaners, or if I'm going to store or anywhere in the community, people are coming to me and they're voicing. The pain that it is that they don't have minor league baseball. It's just such a great Historical tradition that they've loved for a long time to wait. Piper played in Reno. He was a Reno silver socks and he loved it, and he loved the fans who love the interaction and that's not happening here. And that's not happening all across America, and it's it to me is that was dating. It's huge. It's It's AH, It's a big big deal in here in Northern California, San Jose Giants Sacramento River Cats stocked in ports. I mean, you know, we talk jobs. We took fiber all that stuff, Mike. So it's not what I think, too. It's more than ever because we've all been hearing about the the the Economy of I'm utterly teams and how moderate ballplayers are underpaid and they don't have benefits, blah, blah, blah. It's true. But what baseball has done to try and relieve some of that pressure is that they've developed the the parent club program where a young player comes to San Jose, and he has a Or ah, I'm not giving the right phrase on this. Jose family host family Close family. Thank you, the host family program. It has been such a hit Always kids going to San Jose and the host family program. There is unbelievable. Now we see these guys come up the big league several years later. And guess what Their host. Families are like their families and they're constantly coming to the ballpark and we get a chance to meet them. And we see just how Unbelievable. The relationship is with that Giants player in that host family. It's one of the beautiful things about minor league baseball. And now that's not gonna happen, either. So there's nothing good. That is with covert 1900 in regards to baseball, and certainly not the minor leagues. Nothing good. Yeah, it's really, really sad man and got Sam's. The Giants Games are so fun and like you said, Rina Way, says I was there Last summer, I went saw Green Oasis game who's great man, and we're going to be up there again. So Well, we just lament here, But like we said, we celebrate the fact that the Giants are coming back like you worried a little bit about you know, they say the governor's starting to crack down now because the the surge again here so Boy, the Giants. Gabe Kapler really has to emphasize to these guys how careful they gotta be. And this's now no joke, because if we want to keep this thing together, we can't have an outbreak..

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