Lynn Patton, Mark Meadows, Representative Brenda Lawrence discussed on The Conservative Circus


Ringmaster James t Harris going here today. There was an unexpected guests. Her name is Lynn Patton. She's the former Trump employee and currently she works at, HUD, and her parents caused quite the stir it triggered Representative Brenda Lawrence from a democrat from Michigan said that meadows totally assaulted her to bring a black staffer as if all g represents all black people, truly bizarre. And then you had Rashida to Leib who also weighed in on Mark meadows. It's supposed to be about Cohen. But these black Democrats or should say, she says to leave she's either she's a woman of color. She's muslim. These these these Democrats have color. Cannot take it. If if if Republicans black Republican so up black members of the Trump administration all my God is right zest. She did leave did not understand truly who she was going after in Representative metals. I hope not Mr Chairman because I need to be clear on this particular, Mr Chairman, Mr. Mr. Mr. meadows, wait a minute. I defended you. Petco. I'm the chair. Yes, sir. Thank you. I will clear this up. Now Lee.

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