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When simon peter heard that it was the lord he put on his outer garment for he was stripped for work and threw himself into the sea. And so we see this progression of simon peter from i. Andrew has to bring him to. Jesus then simon peter is ready to like try it transport walking jesus on his own and now he sees jesus ed. He flings himself out toward him with reckless. Abandon and just start swimming toward this. Jesus that he knows is the answer right. Yes knows this is the guy he needs. He loves jesus and it's this progression of his fate and man. I sure hope that we are in the phase right now. Where we we just throw ourselves. We see jesus. We bought that boat. We're like we're coming. Yes right well and that's what we want for kids. That's our prayer for our kids. And so i think. That's a beautiful picture that god gave us in the gospels that i would have never pieced together do not put all these three stories together that show us. What are our spiritual goal for. Our kids is yeah yes well and then we're gonna we're gonna circle back on a little bit more than what happens to simon peter right but i wanted to stop down and talk about before we segue there. I want to talk about two important reasons for ownership why they need to make their faith their own in the stage of their life. One is so that it lasts. We want this to be solid. I cannot tell you how many times i feel like. I've mentioned this on the podcast before. But jeremy used to work in the connection serve in the connections inert our church and it's where people who are ready to join the church or who ready to make a salvation..

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