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When the newest iphone went on sale today within ten minutes of pre orders beginning there was already a shipping delay apples says orders were off the charts but we don't know exactly how many were made available to begin with and had already been delays associated with reported production problems mario alan he's got his order in on time and he is excited and forgiving of any issues in including ones yet to be seen i do like the idea of improved camera and things that you can do inhabited you a dating back to the seven last year it he like others noted the apple app store was not working for iphone ten pre orders for several minutes but he got his order in through the company's website fox's jessica rosenthal amazon and intel snow had the nasdaq surging up one hundred forty four points today vickers gain of the year again out of jail card for tiger woods superstar golfer tiger woods pleading guilty to a reckless driving charge friday all in palm beach county florida striking a deal with prosecutors agreeing to enter a yearlong diversion program i am that will allow a dui charge to be wiped from his record for good woods arrested back in may when it was found asleep behind the wheel of his mercedes benz on the side of the road at three a m a toxicology report revealed woods had vicadin the lauded ambient xanax and thc and his system at the time of his arrest west but zero alcohol doctors prescribing the golfer the pain medications as he field from a recent back injury in palm beach gardens florida fill keating fox news game three of the world series the astros hosting the dodgers tonight in houston lifting the spirits of a city that got socked by hurricane harvey just two months ago right now in the bottom of the second innings houston leads la the score two to nothing that series tied up at one game apiece in new york nine jiang netzler fox news radio the last night relate the mid thirty's ethic tonight will stay in the mid40s south wins ahead of our next cold front which comes in for the weekend ahead with rain showers thunderstorms coming in for sunday seventy degrees are high tomorrow ahead of the front south wins now the sixty.

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