Front Yard, George Clooney discussed on Monday Morning Podcast - Monday Morning Podcast 10-30-17


I don't know me what about george clooney in that that movie where he's flying around in the plains and he showed up in that woman at a family did he say anything he did what was called up in the air right any views bang in that woman and then he went to her house and he found out that she was married any was like oh fuck ages just walked away that's what guys do think we just could just walk away women start pull in hedges out of the front yard they put rabbits in the fucking still when shit like is that why we die sooner than they do because we just hold that or not chest fucking pitch at a family and he just carry that around for the rest of your life women get to get it out we as a thing if he has kids and shit like maybe he's just going through a fucking phase these working at out you're going to blow up that family and they're dads going to leave and just just see you know there's going to be two kids cried of this guy has kits as you have kids personally i would just take the loss and i would move on i would just go like listen i i checked you out i found out you're married you fucking piece of shit and because i'm a cool chick i'm not going to call you fucking wife go fuck is i mean he could do that or you could just or you could just say i don't i don't know what to tell you i can't throw another guy in the bustling this judo.

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