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Hi, I'm Ben Mathis, welcome to kick ass news to most Americans, the dealings of the department of defense are a mystery and the Pentagon, nothing more than an opaque five sided box that they regard with a mixture of all insufficient. But in a new book titled inside the five sided box lessons from a lifetime of leadership in the Pentagon. Former secretary of defense ash Carter demystified and sheds light on all that happens inside of one of the nation's most iconic and most closely guarded buildings and on today's podcast, the twenty fifth secretary of defense takes me behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of the Pentagon. It's vital mission, and what it takes to lead. He describes just how massive an organization, the DOD is how he managed to seven billion dollar budget, and how he recruited top tech talent to the Pentagon Ashkar reveals how his background is a physicist came in handy in the Pentagon, and how it led him. Mm to oppose president Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program in the eighties. He discusses how he came up with the successful strategy to defeat ISIS, but cautions, President Trump against pulling out of Iraq and Syria entirely. He talks about his efforts to reach out to non traditional military recruits, and his history-making decision to open all combat roles to women, plus Russia, China general Pershing's desk in much more with former secretary of defense ash Carter, coming up in just a moment. Broberg thirty five years ash. Carter served in numerous jobs in the department of defense. Most recently as the twenty fifth secretary of defense under President Obama. He currently serves as the director of the Belfer center for science and international affairs at Harvard University's Kennedy School. And as an innovation fellow at MIT. He's written a new memoir, titled inside the five sided box lessons from a lifetime of leadership in the Pentagon in today, joins me on the podcast to talk about it. Avocado, welcome. Thanks spin..

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