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You go to the third one i started thinking of the The same of the manson people come to the house as not an epilogue but the third act sure so that means that those two days in february are the first and second act and once we put together an assembly that we had worked on for a while. It was obvious that after the spahn ranch. I gotta get out of. I gotta get out of february and gotta get onto the third. Act that that tops. There's no topping that. And so then after the spahn ran sequence. Then it was just simply wrapping up wrapping up wrapping up that night and so you have to wrap up that night before mcqueen calms you have to wrap up the night before he gets the phone. Call from trudy much to the chagrin of all the actors in the movie but the but you know once you realize that your topper is spahn ranch then you gotta get out of february as quickly as possible and so that ended up becoming the thing and like you could. You could do a version of the movie where there is no manson family and it could end with the phone call. Actually some people might even prefer that ending but but that made it a perfect ending for the book but one of the things. I also really like about it is you haven't brought it up. Is the the weird non-sequitur chapters that are just lancer. I was going to read it up. I i knew we were short on time. But yes the lancer. Yeah there's chapters in the book that are just like at least three chapters that are dedicated to just the lancer story. And i talked to one. Of the editors. I met with along the way and go way to think of the lancer stories and she goes well arguably the best written chapters in the book. Because it doesn't sound like me. I'm trying to write like elmore leonard or a louis l'amour but the by product of all that for the final climax as opposed to just having a an interesting touchy feely scene between rick and trudy. You've been following the lancer story without really trying and so you actually get the climax of the lancer story wrapped into this final chapter so it actually dramatic weight. It has a lot of dramatic weight. And you get so deep into all the character motivations for everybody on the show and the concept of of you know really kills. Dad willing not kill his dad. What's the right thing to do is fascinating you brought up spahn ranch which you excised from the book you took the tension away there but why hip spahn ranch yes but completely different version while ago version and the movies too good all right gonna go head to head with that twenty pages just trying to write what you get an. I love what you did. It was cute. It was totally unexpected and fascinating book. I absolutely love this book. Congrats to you on this. Thanks john i'm obsessed with cliff booth screenwriter now. And that's the other book you need to write about his screenwriting career. Because i want to interview cliff booth one day bullock man. I can't wait to see what you do next. And thanks for being so generous with your time. Oh it's my pleasure. It's always fun to talk to you and that's how the qna went down special. Thanks again to writer director quentin tarantino for being so absolutely generous with his time in coming down and chatting about his novelization for once upon a time in hollywood. It's out now. I hope you get it. And i really think you'll love it because it was so much fun to read and it was of course as you just heard really fun to talk about as well i would. Of course. like to thank our sponsor final drafts a congratulating them on their new release of final draft. Twelve their latest screenwriting software. If you've been on the fence about buying it discount coupon code q a pod. Twenty-one will save you thirty percent off of final draft twelve so now is the best time to buy it. There's a lot of cool new features in there. I've talked before about beat box. If you look up. Final draft beat box on youtube. You could see a video of what i'm talking about. I really love that feature. But there's there's a lot of great features in final draft.

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