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Talk and breaking news more showing Getty, is an act I got an awesome, story about making your own luck from, the guy who sculpted the. Busts for the. NFL hall of fame this is such a. Cool story we'll share coming. Up on the Mike, Slater show starting at. Noon I Armstrong and Getty A tweet about who Alex Jones. Is so Alex Jones is what. Happens when you take every supplement at GNC and do exactly one. Set of three crunches That's just a personal. Shot did nothing to advance the discussion. He does look like a guy that's. Got a big thing that protein muscle build power powder and then lifts weights constantly tell muscle weighs more than fat Lift weights you get ten why not He. Just got divorced for crying, out? Loud he's back in the market right let's. Get the news now Marcia full of I got to tell you the biggest. Fire in California history just got bigger the two wildfires in. Northern, California burning a few miles apart. Again the largest fire in state history the Mendocino complex now being treated as one incident and is now burned over two hundred and nine hundred thousand. Acres standing at thirty four percent contain meanwhile the car fire that's burning near ready now over one. Hundred sixty four thousand acres that's destroyed a thousand homes killed seven people and is now nearly. Fifty percent contained and in southern California he got crews working on a fast moving wildfire in the Cleveland national forest right. On the orange and Riverside County lines the holy fire has burned, four thousand acres started up. Yesterday afternoon stands at zero percent containment so those fires are among. Seventeen raging away, in California The trial against Paul Manafort debtors another day after some bombshell testimony from his former. Business partner Rick gates on the witness stand on Monday get gates, admitted that he and the. Former Trump campaign chief committed crimes together ever commit crimes Yeah I sure did absolutely did quite a, few, more specific But I? Guess what do you expect when you know? You're. You. Both are criminals looking. Out for your own interests sure yeah no honor among thieves get to the embezzling gates confess that he. And Manafort did not report over a dozen. Foreign Bank accounts even though they knew it was the illegal any also claimed he embezzled hundreds. Of thousands of dollars for Manafort by creating fake expense report you got to work for a boss where you can have hundreds of. Thousands, of dollars of business expenses and you don't get caught Yeah and I took a cab from the airport and it was five thousand dollars fine here Go do some lobbying Accepted a plea bargain for the special counsel. In, the Russian investigation again he's back on the stand today and they're going to burrow into more of, what? Manafort as well right but I the prosecution and this is kind. Of amusing to watch they have to get all this guy sends, out? In the open right so that the defense doesn't bring them up and and leave a different taste in the mouths of the jurors because you don't have sat on juries before where The prosecution presents the case and you think oh yeah Arena jail secure enough. For this sum bitch then the. Defense get comes up they utterly undermined the prosecution case so the defense or the prosecution, trying to, do that to themselves in advance, and say oh. Yeah this guy is he's a criminal not, only, criminal he rips off his co-conspirators a puppy, kipper kicker As a cat torture right he's, probably an, arsonist we don't all. But anyway what he, says about this stuff is true. I wish the Molucca strategy I'm. Interested in watching like I've taken a couple of shows on MSNBC and they'll talk about, him Paul, Manafort Trump's former campaign manager currently, on trial and. Then get into the Russia stuff without you, know Leaving the impression that they're tied together somehow but at least so far they're not at all no. Trump worked with a guy who turned out to be a bad guy seems to be the, only title At this point at this point But there's nothing to indicate otherwise Adam Schiff can't. Keep his own, telephone number secret he's the leak. A leaker and the history leaking, and if he. Isn't leaked yet it's not there the nonpartisan government accountability office's outlining concerns about the cost and effectiveness of building that. Wall along the border with Mexico the GAO's report said they are still a lot of unknowns and that likely means the wall will cost much much. More than the Trump administration predicts it will say it's gonna take longer to build them plan and, not believe perform as expected again that's the GAO and that's. Our latest report on the wall I just toys assume there's. Not going to be a wall I've I've assumed that from the first, time he, ever mentioned, some wall some. Fence some electric some human beings there's not going to be a giant wall along the. Whole border and everybody knows it so. We have to make a decision there's any Trump tweet. Out, and Randy Quaid read it oh? Do we want? To hear that you, know what I say, it's a it's a one St. Like you're? Out a.

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