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Question from energy on this topic not to be Debbie Downer. But what happens if eighty w fails is that the last hope for real competition for WWE? Does it have any effect on the perception in value of those on the roster? Would Kenny, Cody in the bucks be perceived as crawling back to the Indies. It depends on how it fails, you know, it depends on like TNN failed Tina failed not because they did a good job and they got beat TI failed because they were corrupt intent from the very beginning, and that, and they kept doing the same things that didn't kept funding the same people and the same things that already have been proven not to work because they because there was a political thing where those people wanted to be paid and want to have their power, and we're not we're not going to give it up unless they're forced to when they were never forced to until everything. Just really came down. They lost moons of millions of dollars. That's on the inside of it. If, if they do let's say they do a cool show that a lot of roughing that's good show and they've got and they've got. And they give their best effort and they put it all together and all that. And it fails because of because just maybe w just has to big, too big elite on them too big too big. Several decade had had start and it just it just doesn't work out for them. Then that's another thing then that's going to mean that that's going to mean that people. Are going to be leery of try. It's gonna make it harder to get another promotion on national television, besides WWE. It's gonna make it. It's going to make is going to shrink and shrink is going to shrink the business on this. This has been an expansion of the business that hasn't been around that has an opportunity for people to make good livings and, and be seen in front of a significant audience, and without dealing with WWE, and so create their own brands and their own their own ways, and earn revenue streams, and that's really important. So if that goes away, and it fails that means that WBZ will have that much more of a stranglehold than what they having. We're seeing all kinds of examples of it with even the even the death of Ashley massery. I mean it's you. You see you see where there's just not power on the side of, of people that are working, and, and it's all on the ownership side, and that's, that's going to be that's going to be tough if WWE if they get beat because w gets they're acting other and has a better promotion in a better. And that's what happened you w w. WCW had to seize their downfall even through their success because of their lack of discipline in so many different ways. But WWE got their act together, and presented a better product and was losing, and then took advantage of the weakness in their competition, and then went off on a boom period because they got either because they were ready when the two pieces of talent rock and Steve Austin came through they had the platform ready to take advantage of it. And, and so, like I said it depends, but it's not something that. I don't know there's going to be out if there's gonna be wrestling in ten years. I don't know if I don't know if there's not going to be bigger and better wrestling in ten years. I mean, I think the one thing that wrestling has ever any anything, whether it's a shooter, a work of those of the thousands of people like people like to watch five since so if you can give them fights that, that, that engage them emotionally, and with stars and willing to pay for it. You got something. So, so, yeah, I, I don't think but I don't think if this, this comes out flat, if it's a good product and people just go, I'm not into wrestling, and screw it. I'm so tired of the wrestling, I've seen for years. I'm just not willing to give it another chance. You people aren't ready to do it then..

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