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Never got chance to. Kid. Up my guest Morgan Wallace. One single up for right here with glasses. I love that saw, thank you. Will you are inspiring people? I saw on your Instagram like all these people who are looking exactly like, all your shows bringing bringing the moats are. Also, have you looked out in the crowd, and like seeing some mullets and thought, what is what have I started? No it. Yeah. It is thing, though, there's always like much like, I don't know about a bunch, but quite a few dues show up. And cut off and mullets every single time, it's good to have a brand isn't it? Yeah, it is. Accident. Arko more with Morgan on the way. We'll talk about is touring with four Georgia line recent trip to Australia later Midland joining me from CMT in Nashville, hang on. We're in the middle of Mt. After midnight, with Cody Allen. Lawn lovers run with us on the John Deere. See five hundred series. See track mower built better faster with an excel deep mower deck. Because whether you're up against the clock or a busy day, this euro, turn gets done in almost no time at all. Nothing runs like a deer run with us. Drives the five hundred series track. Mona at your John Deere dealer during the take your turn sales event. They say that, if you wanna Noah person you should walk a mile in their shoes. Same thing goes for tired said Firestone knows it's not just one mile. It's many with the industry leading ninety day by try guarantee. You can test.

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