Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater, Reagan discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


Com news radio levin twenty km the end of the bar on the march the employer is on those on alex joins the gcc in radio network the next twenty minutes herself former congressman medical doctor really the granddaddy of the whole modern nationalist reawakening movement ron paul is our guest at all over the world the libertarian constitutional reawakening of barry goldwater and then right through to round reagan to a certain extent and that of course ron paul has been has been absolutely amazing thought such such an exciting time to be alive so ron paul is is is down as how taxes there's a big thunderstorm coming in their power just went out so as soon as they're able to reconnect we will do that with them they were literally like about the come on live whether soon they said bummer storm overhead and then the not the power out so looks like imperial trips i have entered the base but we will we will try to get back up with the former congressman here in a moment to talk about the big picture and what's happening around the country and around the world abbott look at this look at this headline journalism ob under trump collapses in europe following terror and migrant invasion and i was back in the point that there are seven unvetted nations that have failed governments and somalia has it had a real government decades hich beyond something out of this topic shy fire road warrior films and every day or two as somali stab somebody in europe with the us or canada or attach somebody because they're not a burqa or beach somebody up because they're drinking beer or there's a new case of a woman walking their dogs breitbart as article and then she gets attacked because they said the dogs are unclean actually once walk in my dog in a park but i was in college in a muslim coverage that dogs run cleanup thought it was a joke there is dog walker hospitalized better attacked by somalian migrant who shed dogs are unclean show every time i report on somalis attacking people and not being integrated into our society i'm going to play the clip the.

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