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This is your country eric. Talk about the way. This is adapted for the screen. Sure i was lucky enough to moderate a panel with The director kamilah forbes and china tallahassee coats who wrote the book That inspired this film and also served as executive producer for the film. And you know the film is sort of created as this sort of tone poem in a way. It is a collection of monologues. Taken from the text of the book. Read by actors Like joe morton. Who were just so skilled at at at finding new meanings and new ways of conveying the ideas that tallahassee so elegantly portrayed in the in the book and then they're also married with a host of different techniques to to bring you through different moods so they they filmed A among log in one of the courtyards at howard university because howard university looms is a big focal point in the book and the film as a place. Where black excellence is sort protected and incubated and then A place where the where draws power from all the different kinds of black folks who gathered there and so seeing a monologue filmed in that empty. Courtyard says something about Cove it says something about where we are today says something about the importance of the school. And then there's animation that that That shows Young black kids playing and conveyance some the joy of black culture than there's archival footage of people like Martin luther king junior and angela davis speaking out and and and alongside tallahassee lines asking pointed questions about why we are taught in schools about some civil rights leaders who are non violent. And we're not talked taught about others. Who are more revolutionary and so it all comes together to to create this amazing statement about the dangers in the beauty of being a black person in america. And and how the system tries to take you apart and Eliminate your body and one moment but how you can find community and you can find excellence and you can find beauty in your culture In in in another it is just an amazing piece of work. Well let's change gears abed and talk about the fresh prince of bel-air reunion. That's been airing on hbo. Max the headline moment was when janet hubert who played the original vivid was given a chance to confront. Will smith publicly over their feud. When i left. Shell i have this new baby and no one. Family disowned me. Hollywood disowned me. My family said you've ruined our name. And i wasn't on professional on the set. I just stop talking to everybody. Because i didn't know who to trust because i've been banished. And they said it was you who banished me because you were you were will you. Were kid was heart breaking..

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