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Twenty minutes have they are pro football talk live a story that emerged on friday after round one of the draft concluded rounds two through seven still to come espn reported that jason witten was planning to retire from the cowboys and become an analyst on espn's monday night football which prompted a flurry of follow ups including essentially the cowboys saying well that's news to us and the cowboys and tried to downplay their obvious need for a tight end the eagles leapfrogging the cowboys in round two four tight end up thinking that the cowboys would take tight end if they had the ability to do so and we still don't know what jason witten is going to do the cowboys say there's no time line there was another report over the weekend there's another offer in tv the jason witten is considering he still may play this isn't nearly the done deal that it was presented as when it was reported by espn on friday and i can't help but wonder i don't want to go too far inside baseball here chris i can't help but wonder whether or not espn may be pushed this thing a little bit harder than maybe they should have because they desperately need somebody say yes i'll take your job and be your analyst on monday night football because the clock is ticking so i think that that may have had something to do with it in that potentially if i'm wit and i'm thinking man i'm not ready to announce what i'm what i'm going to do here and you're you're kind of force in my hand i wouldn't be all that thrilled with espn at this point if i was wit.

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