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Last year. The hot trend in hiring head coaches was Anyone who has ever for had a conversation with Sean mcvay Somehow I you and I didn't get called. Do you think that's going to happen again. This year you mentioned solid it seems like actually were hearing some some defensive names Dennis Allen the coordinator in New Orleans Ron Rivera. who was fired is likely maybe that will see a different trend in two thousand twenty? It's possible because you do hear a lot of defense names but you know I feel like I read the same column every year. On which is we should not be looking for. Do we want an offensive Guira. I era defense about you should be looking for. Do we want a leader. You know once upon a time the Baltimore Ravens tired the special teams coordinator The Philadelphia. The Eagles John Harbach. He's still the coach and not only be still the coach but he's winning games in different ways than he ever won them before because he has the ability ready to run the building and and and he can establish the vision and be the leader and be the delegator that makes it all work. And I think that gets lost. It's a lot of time when people start to talk about. Do we want our offense and defensive guy. Do we want a young guy. Do we want a guy who's done it before you need to have somebody who has that leadership leadership ability inside of them and when you hit on that that's when you have gold. Dan in all of your years covering the coaching carousel and black Monday. How has it changed? What is different now from say a decade ago? Nothing like really seem stuff right like it's like who are the coordinators. Do we need to make a move because the fans are upset or we're just bored with this guy or like he's offensive. We need defense these young. We need old old players coach. And we need a A tale kicker. You know like I don't know I just I think teams doing it. The same way that it varies year to year in terms of specifics. Perfect in terms of the process. No I think it's I don't think it's evolved. I think that's probably kind of a story that that's probably worth pursuing and writing teams are still Dole. Doing it the same way they did ten years ago and maybe longer. Thanks Dan or I mean coming up what James Weisman's decision means for the future of college basketball at ESPN daily. We're covering the greatest sports stories in history. We know what makes the Dream Team. And when you're hiring for your business you need the recruits. That will become champions. That's why you need indeed for Your Business indeed will help you find the best playmakers. Fear business with tools like online skills tests. That help candidates show. They're the perfect. Hire fire for you. Post your next job at indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily and try skills tests for free. That's indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily we terms conditions in exclusions apply. Here's another story. I want you to know not too long ago. We told you about James. Wiseman the Freshman Basketball Player at Memphis who was suspended after the NC Double A.. Found he had received improper financial benefits. The man who had become as college coach Penny Hardaway. It's frankly right in the as wheelhouse is just frustrating because it's a rule that most people most fair minded that people don't agree with. It's just an unusual situation to have a coach that coached a prospect when he was in high school ultimately becoming his college coach. That doesn't happen very often. So the circumstances are somewhat unique. Initially Memphis fought back but wiseman eventually decided it to accept his twelve game suspension and he sat out for a few games. Well yesterday he made another decision and informed the world via instagram. Dan that he was planning to leave college altogether and prepare for the two thousand twenty NBA draft. James Weisman's should be in the right now making millions of dollars and so then it comes down to making a proper business decision of what is the risk reward of coming back to Memphis at this time and for me. This is an indictment once again on the one and done rule that the NBA put in making this choice. Wise men would seem to be a pioneer except he's not alone he's actually part of a clear and massive trend just take a look at his class S. according to ESPN latest mock draft Wiseman is projected to go third overall. The number one pick lamelo ball is playing professionally in Australia. The number five pick RJ Hampton is playing professionally in New Zealand. And the number four. Pick Cole Anthony is a freshman in North Carolina but after he injured his knee. There's been speculation that he might sit out the rest of the season to prepare for the draft and this is only the beginning at least until the NBA inevitably lowered the age limit of the draft. In the meantime there's no way to predict how this will play out for wise men or Memphis for that matter. He probably would have grown his profile. L. Had stayed in school but now he can start making money and protect his body as best he can and while Memphis surely wishes he had stuck around. They've also won all seven games. He sat out even being a ranked Tennessee team. The only thing we can say with any certainty is that the biggest loser in all of this is the NCWA by which will no longer get benefit from wiseman services come March. They might have won the battle against him in Memphis but as time goes on. It's obvious they're losing the war I mean times and this has been ESPN daily. Our show is produced by Michael Bolton era toy arcus Alexandre hyacinthe. Sarah Kazadi Jason Costa Mike. 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