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One seventy two hundred talking about television moms and now coming up we'll give away that we'll talk Roger Basser the sudden Faulkner I feel like we're off our game for me right now we're a little off okay on the second thank you for that I feel like it's just not working here our favorite TV moms who is yours uttering mother's day this weekend what do you have Edith bunker I don't think so really favorite TV mom okay I'll go with that it is Donna reed and Margaret from father knows best I used to watch the reruns on WGN TV back in the day I did Dan favorite TV mom from one day at a time all my gosh yes you guys keep missing there oh my gosh one day at a time Dan I can see your face your body thought made it Franklin Bonnie Franklin I loved her me and her daughters yes that's a great show Bonnie Franklin thank you and don't forget Snyder Snyder right Bonnie Franklin love it thank you buddy Hey you can every day all right was Schneider doing F. Schneider yes things Snyder yes it was Schneider with yeah he's a great doctor definitely sort of the way it was it a handy man slash wacky neighbor right favorite TV mom what did anyone say Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show I know all the Congress of Spencer of we just got it all done and there's a character we just got a call somebody called in with that but she did want to go on the air yeah solely for Chad Fleischer shot did that and she was not you know she had a human side to it wasn't just all have some cookies it you know it's it's always hard for people to separate Bill Cosby from the odds ratio yeah it's like Michael Jackson from Michael Jackson's music can you separate the tuna it would be helpful if his name wasn't right there but but she was an incredible TV mom that's got to be a great character at least yeah an extremist Mrs cleaver was pretty great because that they had a playful relationship the husband and wife it wasn't all just this two dimensional kind of cheesy stuff you know I liked watching that too right so she was she was interesting I worked I worked at the whole foods down the street from here for a few years and people we'd get some celebrity sightings in there for various reasons but a lot of it was because they shoot empire in the city so PL guest starring on empire would stay at hotels nearby and come in fully sure shot was probably the biggest celeb sighting I had what she's done this what did she do before the Cosby shown what has she done since she was a great actress on the because the last time I saw her was in creed yes she was the mother she was creed mom she's great and I'm very good in that yes she was yeah in the movie I don't remember that read one agreed to I only saw clean one graph okay I I I only saw creed one I don't remember in that and I think she was in Chicago for a play a long running play am I forget which theater okay and so she's a theatrical actors and she's she's married to Mohammed Rashad right now all of their divorce or the divorce yeah all they divorced a long time ago that was like a mods third marriage he's on number five now I yes I didn't follow pianos he knows about celeb weddings who was there that I know they stop fishy aided nana when I first started dating my wife she thought the national Enquirer was the newspaper that's the thing so I got all the scoop but Ahmad Rashad has been married five times and she was number three you can look that one up to I had that I did not I knew what some of her work involved is not known for marital life TV moms will take your calls throughout the show we're done at three o'clock today three one two nine eight.

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