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All right. Welcome endless honeymoon. Here we are. I'm Moshe casher and I'm Natasha. You're right I was turning it down because your voice is so loud. Let's start again. No let's let's keep it. We got some special guests today. Very excited very excited to have both of these people here Chris. Laker Jacqueline Novak. Thank you thank you for joining a hello. Thank you for having Nice. It's really nice. You guys both have different. New York. Accents do Irish accent. You have kind of like the the right side of the track sent heinous. I'm horrified weight. Well she's from where Hillary Clinton lives. That is exactly it feels right. I thought I had a absolute street. Like lake no flourishes South Bronx I thought it was. I mean you ever. I thought I was simply you know right down the line of nothing all I can say is the last six times I've I've seen you other than your show which we're going to talk about the second. Have Been in the lobby of a high-end Yoga Studio. I was on my way to work. I'm not I'm just saying we're not because of yoga. Chris where are you from. Staten Island now. There we go. We're going to take a ferry to get places when you were either. Take a ferry to go to school. Yeah the most. Would you love San Island now hate it. It's fucking hell hole is I mean I never lived there adult like on purpose. Oh man my whole family moved to Staten Island Island. They were all in Brooklyn they all moved to Staten Island and then they they'd always be like come visit and I'm like no I mean once there's a boat involved I'm out like yeah that's like all these people oh from Brooklyn and wanted to move to New Jersey and they just didn't make it stopped on that island and they were like okay. I guess this is close enough. And then they all talk about moving to Florida Florida or New Jersey. Yeah I don't I don't like the cops flew to write the cops living city. I think to be a cop or Pfeiffer so a lot of those guys if you're not it's sort of funny you gotta you gotTa Westchester. New York's can't live in Westchester live in the city. The least charming place to take a boat to the world when you have to take a boat where it's like you're going you know of in my experience. I've been very lucky somewhere. Nice yes I want to go. Serve to dig Staten Island. You know he's very have no emotional attachment to I. I went there once when I lived in New York to meet a photographer when I had opportunity to probably do you. Have someone like having that skill Gal right. How about those early comedy early days of comedy managers that were just a manager because they said they were first manager was definitely on his apartment? Ah In that zone. Yeah I mean if you power just if you're listening right now and you want to start manipulating and dominating human beings in the entertainment industry moved to any city. Save Your Comedy Manager Make Business Cards. You'll have clients instantly just bend over backwards for you and you can do anything you want with them in general and the I mean I I mean in the industry I feel like show up and say her producer of comedy things right yes anything and wine why not a show like established anything that involves comedians and then there you are the business cards usually a tip off. They usually use a font that tells you get out of. Don't trust this person. We were talking about this the other day because we were looking at preschools for our kids and the vibe of the heads of preschool is the exact same vibe of like mega maniacal comedy club Booker. Guy No comedy club Booker. In small towns like a king of tiny little in kingdom like the weird like you follow my rules. You know working. He is the only comedy castle that you perform that. They're all that way not. I'm not talking about the only preschool. That accepted us. Of course not every all the places So sorry wait so you guys are a couple. Yeah you can keep asking. No no I I just got interested. it's not that interesting. It's pathetic. Nobody sounds like it. Sounds like I imagine they take themselves very seriously. And you're in there and like it feels insane right. It's insane. Jokes like not really got bombing. She's bombed with a lot of their greatest preschools the Los Angeles area. Here's a here's a fun fact. The East Los Angeles pre schools have a lower vaccination rate than south Sudan and just read an article that said that because they're healthy they don't they don't need not getting measles they're also not down to people in Sudan down or not like a Toronto turn down vaccine. They're probably like yes. Please thank you for the rest for this but here what if you could send your vaccine to the Sudan if you're refusing it that's pretty cool. Yeah I actually really liked that idea. And let's see how they do it later and then Sudan flourishes you saw San Angeles waste away rate. Is that like it's low is like a pandemic coming rate any. They don't have kids they don't care about this now the anti vaccines I find fascinated. Okay Jacqueline I saw your show the other day. I have been unable to stop thinking. I WANNA and do a plug in other words about it because you're another run of it coming up in New York at the Lucille Hotel. Yes December fourteen through January twenty six. I I loved it and let me tell you what I loved about my whole comedy career. I've been calling myself highbrow lowbrow and that was the further. It's the the most highbrow. But it's the furthest iteration of the Highbrow lowbrow concept and comedy like if you haven't seen it in your in New York or even if you're in some exactly do you start there maybe if you're stuck in taking the ferry jump on the ferry but it's it's such a what I liked about it. We'll move along it. It say a tiny microscopic way into macro and And and it it it the whole shows about blow jobs. I mean there's no other there's no kind unrooted way to say it but the But it goes into such a place of of of a like such an eagle eye view of sort of everything that a young woman goes through through that one particular act that it really it kind of ruined them for me. Oh Oh my God yeah. I haven't had one since. That's not true motion but it was break. So if you're listening you're listening you should go see it. If you're in the New York area you guys are a couple. Chris also a talented comedian as well as a comedian. And what can I ask. I'm sure you've been asked this before but does like being the partner of a person who's show is about sex and such a specific sex and sexual people to people like go like is it is it you got that. I'm not even no one's really asked me about that. Is it an annoying question. No it's not it's I mean I'm I am what I'm always happy to talk about Jacqueline because she's the one who has success when people ask me how I'm doing I just say well Jacquelyn shows doing and I point to the the magazine and newspaper. You jump on the ferry headlining clubs. I mean he he likes to play it up. I mean you know put. She's she's doing fantastic. And I and I'm I'm not really in the show except for the the references to her boyfriend. The other everything else is kind of pre me. Yeah Yeah I like the blowjobs about the blowjobs gave him. I would be fine with that. I have no problem. No but it's all sort of they're all kind of its abstract extract. Sort of you know. I can't overstate high school and college. I can't overstate how sophisticated a show. This is if you're listening and you immediately. That doesn't sound like that's for me. If you're listening to my podcast probably off book a little blow jobs but it's it's tough take both. Yeah I'll take either side I feel like But I know but sorry to interrupt you to like really sort of stew in the compliment. But I'm so happy that you took from it because it's exactly like the thing for me. The highbrow lowbrow. Will you have a line in there where you're like you're like this is something like this. This is not a cautionary tale. God forbid because at the end of the day I'm just a nightclub act L. Knight something like that. That was the other thing that I like about the show. A- As a comedy guy like a real like like my focus has always been on. What's funny how kind of theatrical and sophisticated it is? And it's it's even so you know it's even Highfalutin at certain points to where it was very high octane comedy like. It was packed packed in with Joe. Joe This is this is what you are. Yeah that is such a good quote high-octane calm those ever said anything like that but I don't think that that lately about Jacqueline Novak involved glowing quotes. Nobody mentioned the octane. I thought listen if I could go further I would say it brought the funny. It brought the funny. She got up there. She brought the fun. Well I you had to find the funny you got to find the funding. It's hard to find sometimes ringing when you find that you bring it. Hey Hey you guys are like us to comedian so you know obviously it has. There's issues about the most or what's a fight you've had lately. We we had one recently. It was distinct because we generally don't fight that much but we had a proper fight the other day where I screamed on the street Something like it's over. I'm done and I meant the conversation. I like walking away you know leg. I think I'm getting cutting to start in the middle of the action and then go back but like but it but it i. Yeah I meant like we're not gonNA keep like this fight isn't working so I'm GonNa walk away I like I'm GonNa you know and then Chris Chris he goes out breaking up with me and then they burst out laughing because I was like no and ran back like Oh God well it was it was like you fucking I did believed. I didn't believe that you would have really broken up with me in that moment but I thought that's what you meant and and that's what are you fucking kidding me. What was this about do that by the way? Sometimes if we get really into it I'll say fucking fuck it. I want a divorce. She said you WANNA divorce. I say yeah I want a divorce myself from this conversation right now need to leave the room. What what was the fight so star version? I guess Okay Chase Ace. Bank put a cash deposit the ATM Jacqueline Jackson Putting Cash in the ATM the.

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