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Two. They're not used to it. You know, sleet and freezing rain shock is south. That's the top story this hour. We'll have much more on it. Coming up at eleven thirty one many people know that dogs descended from wolves. Not many know the true origin of man's best friend a research project led by university. Professor and the Illinois state archaeological survey reveals how dogs came to America, professor Ripon, Molly and his team have been studying and transcribing the genetic codes of about fifty fossilized dogs discovered at a site in southern Illinois near Saint Louis. Kelsey, wet Dillon who was a doctoral student while Molly was working on this project said these DNA results proved North American dogs were descendants of Siberian wolves according to their study. Some of the dogs remains date back over ten thousand years. Dave Marcet NewsRadio. On one zero five point nine FM veterans museum grand opening after try towns safety village in sharonville, drew an estimated two hundred people this afternoon to honor veterans and educate the generations that are coming up for Don Talbot or monster. The museum was much more than a history lesson. He was a prisoner of war in Vietnam shot and wounded tells in northwest Indiana time, she eventually escaped and he was awarded the purple heart. The museum features hundreds of items from antique military weapons to displays of military uniforms, wartime posters. Medals, armor, letters and books. Dating back to the civil war to Desert Storm WBZ news time eleven twenty three. This is Bruce Johnson talking about healthcare. The high cost of healthcare is causing an increasing number of Americans to avoid the doctor a west health institute at the university of Chicago poll shows forty four percent of Americans didn't go see a physician last year and forty percent of Americans say, they skipped at least a wreck. Commended tests or treatment in the last thirteen months due to costs the poll shows that the high cost of healthcare is a public health crisis. That cuts across all ages as more Americans are delaying or going without recommended tests and treatments and these skip doctor visits and mistreatments come despite the three point three trillion that the US spends each year on medical care. For more information on healthcare. Read my book inside ObamaCare from Barack and Michelle to the Affordable Care Act. This is Bruce Jackson for NewsRadio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM and a fortune business update. Their.

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