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Insurance can be. Chippy. That's already five fouls against the rockets with five thirty seven remaining in the game penalty situation here for sacraments. Bows on Stein. I. Frank Mason, getting more free throw attempts. Just about as recipes TV. It makes it now. Seven and limited time here tonight. It's been a line four times bogdonovich as the free throw is up at good. Now. He's now five. Willie Cauley seismic there. Four times, Harry Giles three. They've only been sixteen is a group one eighteen. One sixty ninety five twenty six or raining rockets up twenty six g green straightaway. Top of the key contested to vacuum bisque off. It's a rebound the Tucker, the brand new fourteen for the rockets. Chris Paul is foul way out high. Frank mason. The thirds farther back to the third. Harry. Heard Frank Mason. The third of a missing anybody else. So Chris Paul to the free throw line on the Sacramento. Spit foul. First attempt is good. I playing twenty six minutes tonight. My guess is he will take it to the final timeout. It'll be done. Second free throw for CPS. Good. Perfect five of five from the line is double figures. Six different Rockettes tonight. Double figures the rockets at a hundred and eighteen points pufus between the rings. To Mason, splits the circles. Lobster Bagley three point line against PJ. Tucker Shacklock at seven crossover underneath Missy Eric's. Put the ball the floor and another Sacramento. That's not going to add. Minutes per game right there making mistakes like that. That is the twenty first kings journal the rockets have scored thirty two and looking for more off those mistakes. Four forty six move o'clock forth worth thankfully. All possible Harvard his right hand to Hartenstein giving it back to CPU spots by Mason bouts past Hartenstein outlet PJ looking for a three point shot. We'll take an inside the arc contested on the way the shock. Like this wasn't a good stretch. Best thing on that was twenty four seconds off the game. That is the tenth rocket turnover tonight. A scanner reads going to come in my guess for CPI three. Let Gerald green run the point here. The rest of the way for twenty three remaining Houston one eighteenth, Sacramento, ninety basic kicks it out left side three quarter for a little bit is on the way. It is. This year, averaging three points. A game off the bench is way down their rotation. One eight ninety three with four five remaining rockets by twenty five three right side, Gerald green pump fakes to the link. Fall away, twelve footer. And our post game guests is I mean putting together a huge test for him twenty five check on Gerald greens numbers before the night is through right side. Three x not going to fall for feral. Weak side rebound, art Stein. Three forty five Gerald green tying season highway twenty-five airballs a three and the right baseline. So what war point for green will tie his best? Mark of the season rockets up.

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