Muller, President Trump, Scott Taylor discussed on The Laura Ingraham Show


Is astonishing that a man of muller's experience probity and intelligence would not be more careful than he was an hiring these people who had records that were vulnerable to this those of us who have large you for decades that independent counsels or a bad idea because it represents a failure of confidence in existing institutions and because a lawyer with one case tends to become a habit looking cruz white wale are rather reverend joining us george well who called president trump the worst president never in american history last week in his column uh worst president ever in history yes okay even said that that what was moller thanking now it turns out that muller's team went to the general services administration got ten thousand transition team emails and as any mccarthy just pointed out on the show failed to do what any investigation of this size would do with all these people they have working for them which is to call through the emails so emails that have either attorneyclient privilege matters a privilege matters or other sensitive non russia related um issues would be excluded but that's not how they did it they just took all of them and the trump team of course raising all sorts of ruckus about that uh we're going to continue to take your calls also about this news i hear that the trump administration could be considering some type of amnesty before the end of the year i had wool pulled over their eyes by scott taylor of virginia second district of regina who uh on this issue i just do not i'm sorry it on on knows a former navy seal you can be a forming in former navy seal or even a former pow and i can have questioned what you're saying but i think it's insane to do that that is not what trump was elected to do any daca deal has to be a part of a wide ranging a bargain when a it comes.

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