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I like it so yeah so all right. So here's an example. It could say. Wow i just found out. You have a special delivery downstairs. You have to go see it right. Yeah or i heard your special delivery came can congrats. What is her name right. So that's cute. That's cute right. So you're saying oh you had a baby. I heard your baby arrived. What's your name so guys very. This is important for our listeners. To know right because if someone says that to you and you've just had a baby you don't want to say. I didn't get any packages exactly at the hospital. I get any packages when talking about. Oh my gosh yes. This is a very even though it can be a little old fashioned sounding. It's important to know our eilon so the next one is to deliver on something. Yes yeah so yeah so to do what needs to be done or what you have to do. You say this. Oh yeah for sure for sure to deliver on something it means you can get it done. And this is very valued in the business world right in the working world. You can pick yourself in a job interview as i can deliver on. I can get this done. Oh i can take care of these things right exactly. I mean this is actually makes me. Think about our app right. So it's like oh like are you know. Listeners asked. we are delivering on our on our promise. Or you know. Yeah that's true absolutely we are. We've gotten it done and now it's going to be ready for you guys very soon. So here's a quote. Here's an example. It's important to deliver on your promise to help her with her job interview. So maybe in this case you promised your friend or colleague that you'd help them prepare okay and now you have to actually fulfill that promise and be there and do what you say. You're going to do integrity. That's the key to trust Yeah yeah yeah exactly exactly and then the next one is just to deliver right..

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