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Let's see one two three four five do twelve cat sank hodge dime shallow are become five children oh i think there will be some swearing on this show i tell you there will be swearing this has been your obscenity warning i was i felt like there was a jay z joke in there like she's left jehovah for ova no no no but but thank you for playing for again it's because i just reds eighty smits essay on jay z's mark connects with hip hop culture excellent expose take hello jews and interloping others this is an orthodox the world's leading jewish podcasts at least the leading jewish podcast on itunes and now that we have checked our metrics and fix things and check new boxes it has actually clear the metrics are clear we have something like eighty three of the top hundred jewish themed podcast downloads in podcast history take that rabbi sack he's very prolific it is funny if you go into the recruiting you son would you go it's like who's who's there the jewish podcasts space you'll wrote by sieben woke me mad show on this ninety seven more podcasting like the jews of the christians in terms of like spiritual leaders because they all the christians are like every even we we are to be the number one hundred podcast is to have as many downloads as the three hundred eighty fourth best evangelical podcast they are they are on an on the go they have got us sam yeah what they're doing you don't spend two thousand years of trying to proselytize the world and not learn something useful in the podcast it's perfect it's what we're doing slowly but surely i your host mark oppenheimer joined this week as ever by senior writer liebowitz shallow shallow and deputy editor of tablet magazine stephanie budnick and joined this week as well by a jew of the week girls leadership founder rachel simmons who also are numerous books about building confidence in girls and female empowerment and all sorts of things that i have a lot of questions about and also a gentile the week a former jehovah's witness linda.

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