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31 1 23 For Jo Ellan Bead 40 points. 19 rebounds hit that. Three pointer with 6.5 seconds to go, which sent the game to overtime. ESPN analyst Tim Legler tonight was a perfect example of number one, the condition that he's got himself. It had the stamina to play for 48 minutes the way he's been playing all year. He just hasn't been able to do that earlier in his career, and as a result, they have this unique player that's a combination of raw power. Athletic ability and then an immense amount of skill and you saw it all on display. This one, you know, I thought the 50 point game against Toronto a week and a half ago was his signature moment to thrust himself to the head of the EVP conversation. But that was nothing compared to this game. I mean, he did everything humanly possible on both ends of the floor that a guy needs to To say of the M V. P in this league, and I don't think it's close right now. Scott pays from the fact that the Sixers are number one in the East and I can't imagine what this team would look like, without what you elevate has become. I think that this is he has fully realizing what everybody hoped he might eventually become right. Be healthy enough fit enough, and we certainly know skilled enough to put it all on display. And it was there tonight. In this one, the jazz lose, but we've seen a really nice snapshot of who they are. But that's through Christmas through the bulk of the winner and same as you look to the second half in the spring, and then potentially the summer. What do you believe the Jazz ultimately will be I think we looked at two teams tonight that our conference finalists, I think ultimately they might run to somebody a little bit better, whether it's the Nets in the East for Philly or the Lakers. If a DS healthy in the West, I think this team could beat the Clippers in the best of seven. So I think they're conference finalist as their ceiling and maybe beat the Lakers if they're not fully healthy. The reason Scott because they can attack you in a different way. The way they move it the way they shoot it. The way they see the floor is special. This is something you're watching right now. That's almost unprecedented in this league, the rate at which they are shooting threes, But then they could also beat you. By shutting you down defensively, this one a top rated defensive teams in the NBA. You should have that unique combination. That's what you have to do to attack a team like L. A. It's got to be something different than the rest of the league brings to the table and that's what they do. They shoot threes and then they get you chasing it. And they've got enough Biggs between favors and go bare. They've got big that can hurt you in the middle. Once they get you extended the fact though, that they always make the extra pass. And it always seems to end up in the hands of a guy that can hurt you. Makes them just different than what everybody else has. And with Philly. It's the same thing. Nobody can attack the Brooklyn Nets or any other team in the East the way Philly can because of the unique nature of it beats dominance. And that's why I think these two teams have something special going on. Phil is gonna try to add a piece if they can. Hey, maybe they could take on the Nets and beat them in a seven game series. But either way, I think both of these teams could get to the conference finals. Well, A B 40 points on the night. Donovan Mitchell 33 his 54th career 30 Point game, trailing car. Home alone for most in his first four seasons in franchise history for the Jazz 12 game this season with 23 pointers, made It's their first loss when they lead after three quarters. They had been 25 Oh, the Nets still in Texas and playing Houston on Wednesday, the question heading into this one wasn't so much Would win as much as it was What kind of reception would James Harden receive? Returning to Houston?.

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