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I walk into a room in the eighties season. It just asked what are you. What are you I'm Filipino? It asked What is that as a kid? I realized likes quickly how to adapt as a kid. I realized that my identity man in less than getting the work my identity was malleable. Identity over time becomes missed this his role for a Chinese character. Straight up. Lie about taking any of the race and sell it much better than that. Well my grandmother. My Dad's side. She's part Chinese. There's actually true you kind of answer is always good enough any amount of anything. All of that thing in the eyes of the cast nurture. They check their box. They found a Chinese actor. They done the job and I grew up understanding. My reciprocal roll out play in this dance. I get better at this. As time went on it explained. The role was for Mexican. And they asked what are you you stand up a little straighter while you understand. The Spanish colonized Mexico they call. Is it the same in the Philippines. So we're Latino also any amount of anything I was all of that thing in the eyes of the cast nurture. They check their box. They found a Mexican actor and now got the Gig and they got a free lesson. Imperialism mid town search this tournament to being a book all kinds of roles but never Filipino. Play Mexican Roles Puerto Rican roles Chinese rules Korean every Asian role never playing any Philippine roles until I did the debut taking some gone on there. God what is Hell Again hit-back on reeds to be real tight. We sing it all the time. It all changed when high school started. WHO's love it? Gang called Bird Khuda for Kata it's Tagalog. It means like the people you hang out with your friends seem to to me. You Speak Tagalog. Oh fluently SOI. That was a scene with Dante. Bosco and Joy Bisco in the debut debut an independent film released in two thousand one directed by Jean Cahan written by John and John. Manal Castro starring a cast that included veteran Philippine actors like the late Eddie Garcia in young Filipino. American actors Dante who plays the lead role of Ben a Filipino. American high school senior who doesn't unidentified with his Filipino side. But in the night of his sister's debut or traditional Filipino. debutante ball then comes into his own as he meets other young Filipino. Americans gins and learns about his culture and himself in the process..

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