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Is rotten without understanding what the whole purpose of this agreement any like you're saying there are other countries that are still dedicated to this deal they continue to say we will honor everything but you know again like you say it fucks things up because our banks won't do business with iran and these secondary sanctions that trump has put back in place makes it even harder for some of the european allies who were beginning to do business in iran to continue that so the knock on affects are very significant yeah it really reminds me of back when america was desperate to go to war with iraq and so it was just like they were pulling evidence from all these different places and they were going into make presentations being like look this photograph shows that they have weapons they got cake and saddam hussein said this twenty years ago and therefore it just seems the same here it's like netanyahu's presentation is ted talk that he delivered for an audience of one it was written exactly for trump and it was using stuff from before this nuclear deal too so he's just like pulling old shit from computers that they had like taken from computer presentation essentially was they had a clandestine nuclear project prior to signing the tire to this deal and so they're using that trump is using you know the fact that business has an opened up as quickly as they had hoped and that they were hostile to some in other situations than that like it's just any excuse it's like whenever you have a dude who's looking for a fight and he's like what the fuck you say what are you looking at as like well you just yelled at me so i would look in your direction and this is not about anything that ever happened to me don't worry about it but also say goodbye to any sort of cheap gas prices future.

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