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Jackets get the puck for a moment, Jones put it to the left wing corner Mitchell there to try and work it free. You go. Koivu headed for a moment. David camp, picks up the puck at the hot blue line and tried to use the board's toe, spend it behind the Jackets defenseman, but he ends up shooting the puck up into the Hawks bench. Jeremy Colton picked up that fucking through to a lucky fan in behind the Blackhawks bench. Always nice to get those pucks from the coaching staff Banned for life Boy You brought to the right of liking it. Monsters your door off in the far corner, but it behind the net. Keith will put the puck ahead picked off the hot blue line by Riley Nash asked to the left wing boards. Seeking on Keith took the fuck down to the corner than one hands behind the Hawk net. How Grigorenko there. We'll send it back around on the near side. Nash had trouble with it. And it reflects this center ice. Hi. Morris got it into the jackets own left wing. Put it in front of the net. Then it's just past the outstretched stick of Lucas Carlsson. Nearly a great chance there for the Hawks and Lucas Carlsson on the left handed defenseman jumping up into the play at the right time. But that booklet was in a position for right hander to kind of redirect that, and it was a tough play for the lefty. Try and make contact. Couldn't don't the Han behind the Hawk. Net is hit but put the puck around to Connor Murphy. He fires it up the right side. This hit the stick of Gabbert confit center ice. Fuck tumbles in behind the blue jacket. Net. MERS Leekens will spin it around the left wing side. Robinson goes required with a past at consent down the right wing to the corner. Hawk's own. Put the puck behind the net to Tech, see a Sends it left point Ghabra cop Quick snap shot goes wide of the hawk net. Atkinson recovers in back of the net. Here's Cam AC. It's and now right corner, turning around and centering the puck back. This comes right to cane in the far circle, Batson Nd and Marquis, a leader to 11, breaking over the jacket line to the right circle stops gave it a cane to.

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