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Just a great player. Fortunately, they're just nice move at the bar. But taser got the goal there on the waterless. Again, was also talk about Cam ward, he hadn't played in a month. Corey had been taking the net here for the last little while and Cam ward gets back into what is he meant to this team. I know that he's been great inside the locker room. He's a veteran player. He's been around several times this season. He stood up address the team when he felt it was right. What does it mean to have Cam ward around this year and his role? Means a lot. He's helped me to you. Just I don't know how many seasons playing in the initial sounded cap tube is just a role model in the locker room. And just a great guy. This guy you looked up to look up to two. So he's always have a smile his face. He's just a great guy visas. Just like you said he hasn't played in a month or something like that. But he's always happy always come in. With a smile on his face is never angry. I never seen it a couple of times. In when he was in that. We didn't play good in front of him. But other than that. He's just awesome guiding locker room. It's just great one more from each of us. And we let you go. Thanks again for doing this playing last handful of games with Dunkin' how how is how is that partnership worked in? Do you think it's helping your game? Even more being paired with sure. He's there the great role model. It's just a guy been looking up to since I came over here. And before that too. I think everyone knows Keith. And what you can do out there. He's talking to me all the time and the bench in the locker room, and he's been awesome to me is helped me, and I was struggling to bit and beginning play on the right side. But his making soya simple for me. And giving me a lot of times to make those passes easy. So it's. I'm lucky to play with them. Blackhawks had an opportunity to look at one of their prospects. Dennis Gilbert played his first NHL game. What did you see from him? And what did you like? He's a big strong with the puck too. And good skater. I think you can do everything out there. And he's very tough talk to Germany before the game. And he was saying that he's been the best defenseman down Rockford and fun to see him coming up here. Going in and. Throw in showing what he can do. He's always fun. When a guy comes up and show the thanks again for doing this. We appreciate it. Congratulations on a great season individually. We know this team is going to be aiming for greater things from the team accomplishment standpoint next year and congratulations on the victory. Thank you very much erica's joining us here after the Blackhawks four three overtime victory over the eight Louis Blues and for being a guest on tonight's Blackhawks postgame show Eric will receive a gift card Joseph food, prime steak and stone crab a favorite before. And after the game. All right, Troy, we wanted to get to Eric right away. But. Chest puffed out a little bit here tonight. You're not only you're not only a prankster in the booth, but but you're also back on track here. And you're the only thing I can say about that is the right guy. Well, picking it for a couple of times. Patrick, but he finally paid off that was pulled up here. I don't I don't know what you're talking about. Now. Just be careful on Friday night. All right. Try just be careful. Wrong should have done that in the last game. Perhaps perhaps. But let's talk about Patrick back. I'd track because man, it is so rare that he goes into droughts like this, and whether it's an energy fatigue thing, or, you know, obviously when it reaches a certain point, a great, you are what you do it probably does become a little bit of a mind game. And that was once we'd backhand that he he pulled. It was it was a goal that they needed because at fortunately, the Blackhawks gave up lead. If you look at Patrick's game tonight, you know in some areas, much better. Defensively. He still got a, you know, be a little bit stronger, especially on that last play. Just didn't have the structure and positioning in in the middle of the ice where we probably should have but tough to defend against Patrick. Maroon is six three two hundred and twenty five pounds. But offensively you could see that he was hesitating when he was having some opportunities to shoot the puck, and you hadn't seen that before from him until he kind of went into this little bit of a low scoring goals. You can always tell when Patrick got a lot of confidence in the game. He attacks the net. He's got the shot. He's shooting it even onto on ones and in front of the net when he's had opportunities eagle back to an overtime game a few nights ago where he decided rather than challenge the front of the net. He was gonna throw one over to Jonathan at bounced over his stick and didn't get shot on goal. That's normally where Patrick really excels those in quick hand move types of place that he is so good at and you know, maybe this one scoring the goal here. And he he actually normally when patch. Scores of goal. He knows that. It's in the net this one there was some hesitation. I'm not sure that he was one hundred percent, sure. Whether this one we weren't here are up in the booth. We couldn't tell from the angle that he shot at if it was in the net or not, but you saw the replay it hit the back cost bar and out there. But that's only a move that very seldom seen in the NHL. Very few players could pull off that move surprise. I was expecting to see a little bit more from Saint Louis, especially with the way they've been playing and. You know, as we mentioned the second mission hats off to the Blackhawks reporting granted Saint Louis was able to to get back in this. So credited them as well. But I was I was almost expecting to see a little bit more out of Saint Louis based on the way they've been rolling since the first of the year they've been rolling. Let's give credit where credit is due with this team. Jordan. Huntington points anytime but their goal goaltender has been unbelievable. And that's binning ten twenty two five and one his goals against average best in the NHL for goalies. Over twenty one games. I think that is to qualify. It safe percentage tied for second most in the National Hockey League. He's got five shutouts. He had a stretch where he won nine straight games. He was the rookie of the month last month. He was the rookie of the month in March and in February I should say an March two consecutive months that he was the rookie of of the month. Just the way that he has played. And then they've been outplayed at certain times, but Bennington has really played extremely well. And got them points and wins where they probably shouldn't have where they outplayed chance that kind of thing. So a lot of it falls onto the shore shoulders of Bennington who didn't play in the game tonight. Jake Allen who had been the number one guy. I'm not sure he's the number one guy anymore, but you've got an inexperienced guy heading into the postseason. That Saint Louis has played extremely well. I agree with you. I don't think that we saw their best here tonight. But at the same time, I think Chicago had a real purpose to their game and worked hard for sixty minutes. Didn't get it done in that timeframe. But they will find a way to get it done in the shootout with Jonathan tapes goal. But this is Saint Louis team that if they get into the postseason on the run that they have been here in the in the postseason. But if they play the way that they have been here in the last little while to get themselves into the postseason. They're going to be a real dangerous opponent. I don't think you wanna face them. Yeah. Circle back to Cam ward, as well as we mentioned in US Derek about him an impressive performance by by him tonight, looking as if he had been playing regularly after sitting out Corey was given the net during this one as long as the Blackhawks were in it. But real quality effort by the guy's been waiting around for a month to get back in the blue paint. I'll tell you what I did not know Cam ward before he came to the Blackhawks this summer when he leaves I'm gonna miss them. Because if he does leave he's that type of guy, he's a quality guy. And I think you can see why he's had such a great career starting out early on he wanna Stanley company. He's just got that that air about him that he's a quiet guy kind of an unassuming type of of guy when you when you look at them and talk to them, but he understands the game he understands how it's supposed to be played. He knows what his role was when he came in here. He accepted the challenge when Corrie went down as the number one guy when call and Delia came in here didn't. Out when Colin played well supported him fully. And if you talk to calling so that's a big reason why I was able to play well because I felt comfortable with Cam being around. He's just been a true professional, and you're gonna miss a guy like that inside the locker room got us and talked about it. I talked to other players Cam ward is important to this team. Unfortunately for him his numbers. Don't look great. But right now, he's fifteen eleven two on the season four games over five hundred and that's pretty darn good for a team that struggled to keep Saad other net and struggled to take away high-quality chances on a regular basis. I can't or it has just been these been great this season. And I'll tell you what. Again, if they don't sign them here. Now, I don't know what's going to happen. He can maybe have some options played well enough this year, but the Blackhawks will miss his presence inside the locker room, especially when Corey wasn't. There was a big factor for him to be around to help out call and in mentoring him towards what he wants to do. With the NHL who do you have your play with most tonight? Well, I'm gonna go with Cam ward. I mean, I just thought that he came into this game. Like, you're saying it's a tough situation. He hasn't played in a month. I'm not sure when he knew he was gonna play this game or or not maybe it was today at the morning skate because Colorado able to knock the Blackhawks out of the postseason equation last night with their victory over the Evanson Oilers. So I would assume that maybe not until this morning that knew he was gonna play in this game tonight came in and played. Well, so tonight's player. But the most heart is Cam ward player at the most heart is sponsored by mercy hospital cardiovascular services, I like it. Great call by you, and John once again tonight here, and we'll do this one more time at home on Friday. Right. Thanks for sticking around. All right. Don't do anything stupid on Friday night. That person who who punked, you might be aware and watching forty five hours to figure something out..

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