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The moon this is when you have to be this is when the attention is on you seventy sixty eight is a big bleep in deal he would just yeah i don't talk to anybody done i don't know i don't get it even had reeling salt long match man but we're finishing today with two big stories that have broken in the last hour number one coming out of the world cup in cutter hey thanks fica except bladder money lining your pockets the world cup in cutter as we get set for the world cup finale on sunday on fox the world cup in cutter in two thousand twenty two will now be held from november eighteenth through december twenty first yeah that is when the world cup is going to be held simply because the weather is really hot well it'll be degrees cooler yeah on november decem i'm not saying players aren't gonna like it 'cause right now it's one hundred ten degrees in cutter but the fact that the world cup is going to run from mid november to late december is just ludicrous well for right because you're going to disrupt a lot of leagues but the personally for us at fox it's a slap in the face donna because now you got to make a lot of program decisions right you're talking about weekend games you're talking about college football you're talking about pro football and and yes you get to have more promotion of at this one fm to which is going to cover media days for the big twelve some of the stuff that's breaking this morning and discussing that but when you're talking about the the rights fees that have been paid this is a screw job to corporate sure at you know it's it's in the middle of of soccer seasons throughout the globe right it's in the middle of the nfl college football not only have you made a bad decision giving him upon james we'll be playing by that you have made a decision to say hey we're okay with the world cup taking a back seat to other things i mean it was i look i get the corruption i hope it's been it's been all meted out and they've gotten rid of it but this just a bad decision that continues to haunt everybody because you made a bed decision for soccer in putting it here and having it fight for space when here in the middle of the summer it's soccer free zone and most of the rest of the world right now you have you have the spotlight to it it's awesome and now you decided oh we're screwing that up while they may wanna flip off the united states and there might be the anti us senate many people wanna do but they're still going to be still good for business good for dollars and cents for four fiba in terms of rights fees paid domestically and globally that you're talking about a big slap in the face yes it's thirty degrees cooler which means guys aren't falling out on the pitch and the fans might actually get through a game without fainting and needing medical personnel but you're still looking at this change absolutely huge for the twenty twenty two games the other big story a farewell demarco murray he had a good run murray retired he did have a good run murray retiring from the nfl at the age of thirty gonna make his announcement later on today believes retire on television on espn that's a good move one of those he's going to be one of the last of the bell cal running backs even though he's been splitting time with derrick henry the last couple years clearly that's their decisions sometimes it just takes alabama running back a little bit to get going in the nfl well they have to get past the pounding they took in god or ninety some time off but murray is a guy who shows you.

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