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Are is it has long been speculated that next off season bryce harper will sign the richest contract a major league baseball history based on the production or lack thereof we've seen so far this season do you think that affects the type of contract at harper's gonna receive there's no question because there was all this controversy in con conversation about how harper could be the first four hundred million dollar player which is amazing right because even if he becomes a four hundred million dollar player and it still doesn't do a lot for baseball it does a lot for harper's bank account but isn't necessarily doing anything for baseball but he definitely is one of the top players in the sport you think about mike trout of the angels manny machado the orioles chris bryant of chicago there's some really good players in this league and definitely a harper's part of that i looked at the numbers coming into this weekend's games this is this is really will essentially how bad harper has been so going into this weekend's games there are only a few players that how lower than harper escobar jarrod dyson and luis valbuena that's how i mean we're not talking about a got a bunch of guys that can rake okay in bellboy dyson those those guys are not anywhere the same stratosphere as bryce harper but it just shows you how bad harper has struggled yeah i mean i think he'd be a perfect chicago cub let me just say that right now i'm reeling after my cubs were swept by the reds today fourgame sweep by the cubs i mean by the reds over the cubs the last time that happened was nineteen eighty three i mean you and i spent fifteen minutes before the show trying to come up with guys that played on the eightythree reds do on this program that was my wheelhouse because i started clicking baseball cards during that time so i gave you with outlook computer i gave you a little paul householder give a little eddie milner if you will give you a couple of those guys in and then we actually did some research and come to realize just shows you how different the game is where players you stay with one team for almost entire career maybe go someplace else for a cup of coffee but some of those some of those reds teams from the seventies big red machine teams there were still a dan driessen there was still a day concepcion there's still a johnny bench on those he three reds team so even back then you still had some glimpses of some of those good reds teams on eighty three ball club i gave you tom browning you're too early on tom brian i thought for sure a young dashing tom browning would be on the eightythree ribes he debuted at eighty four you went twenty games in eighty five so i've missed on that one well you could find a tom browning on the rooftops of wrigley field as his teammates were looking from your story tom browning tom bradley decided you wanted to just take the day off and just go and sit on the rooftop with the fans on the road as cincinnati red in his uniform full uniform on the rooftops at wrigley field i it was amazing the players are like what happened to tom always up there drinking with the with the fads up there that was back when like they didn't have the all the done up rooftops that's when they had just lawn chairs and a couple of coolers cold ones now nowadays if you went up there you.

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