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Governor says he is seeing some cause for hope joining me now. The Democratic Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy Governor Murphy Happy Easter to you on this very difficult weekend let me ask you. The first case in your state was reported on March fourth. Now not even six weeks later. You stand it over. Fifty eight thousand cases a key corona virus model cited by the White House Task Force says New Jersey reached its peak last Wednesday. Does that match with what you're seeing on the ground first of all happy Easter Jake? It's good to be with you. Yes or no lost two thousand one hundred eighty three blessed souls from our state which is just staggering. We look at a handful probably four or five different models. Some of the some of those models in their best case scenarios have us in a peak right now some of them in a more sobering reality have US peaking many weeks from now in higher numbers. I hope it's the former not the latter again. We look at a whole range of inputs and try our best to stay out ahead of this base. Our decisions based on the facts and president trump is considering calling for a reopening of the US economy and relaxing the social and physical distancing and stay at home guidelines on May first potentially. That's just nineteen days away. Do you think parts of New Jersey will be ready to try to go back to something resembling normal in that time by? May I listened? Jake if we are. I'll be the happiest guy not maybe even in New Jersey but in America it would be great. I do know this. There's a sequence here that we have to abide by and that is we need a healthcare recovery a health recovery first and then the economic recovery. It has to come in that sequencing and I fear we open up too early and we have not sufficiently made that health recovery and cracked the back of this virus that we could be pouring gasoline on the fire. Even advertently so I'll listen. I'll be again. I'll be the happiest guy around. If we're able to reopen at that point and we will continue. This is sort of each day. You have a different set of data that you didn't have the day before but we will continue to do everything we can to stay ahead of this governor Cuomo of your neighboring state of New York talked on Friday about there being a potential second wave of the disease in your area and you just heard Dr. Chee say something similar about his concerns about what might happen in the fall. I know that you everybody wants to go back to some semblance of normal opening up a business as soon as possible. Is there a plan that you have to keep people safe? Even after some of these restrictions have been lifted. I mean that's it's not job number one because right now. The House is on fire job. Number one is to put the fire out but it is the job right. It's job one a in fact we've spent a significant amount of time this weekend sort of beginning to war game on that you mentioned. Governor Cuomo one of the one of the many areas that he and I agree on. Is that in this respect? Whether it's testing contact tracing the rules of the road such that you don't have. You don't have unintended consequences. You get a different set of policies on one side of the Hudson versus the other or one side of the Delaware River in our case or the other is we need to do this regionally. And that's something that we're committed to. I know he's committed to to make sure that. Not only. Did we bring our states to a closure together in harmony but when we reopen. We're doing so. It brought harmony as well including the testing and the other healthcare infrastructure. We're GONNA need to make sure we don't see another round two of this in terms of testing infrastructure. Where is New Jersey when it comes to testing? Do you have enough test. Do you have enough labs to do the tasks do you have. Your healthcare workers have enough personal protective equipment. Do your patients have enough ventilators? Just give us a quick update on that. If you could broadly speaking jake and there's there's more nuance to the answer. Depending on the specific the answer is no in other words. We have enough testing material personal protective equipment. Our health our heroic healthcare workers are stretched incredibly thin so so we are testing only for symptomatic patients. That's a decision we made from day. One I think we've got the most tests taken of any American state. We've got the eleventh largest population so we're punching above our weight but we do not have universal testing and we would love to have that. We're fighting to stay ahead on bed capacity ventilators that are constantly running thin. The medicine you need for those ventilators the personal protective equipment and the relief from the bullpen for our healthcare workers. So we are every minute of every day on all of those fronts doing everything we can to stay out ahead of it. You close schools on Martine you issue to stay statewide stay at home order on. March twenty first. Both of those came after Ohio closed schools in California issued. Stay at home order former. Cdc Director. Tom Freidan told the New York Times that the death toll New York City could have been cut in half if closures have been put in place a week or two earlier. Do you think the same is true for New Jersey? Should New Jersey of acted sooner than it did. Listen we acted Jacobite soon as any American state I mean along with Ohio California Washington New York. We were among the first. And we're probably as I sit here today. The tightest but boy we will do a postmortem police got. I hope we do a national postmortem. That's not partisan that just asks the tough questions that were asked by the Nine Eleven Commission on my dad shared by one of my mentors governor. Tom Kaine here in New Jersey. We're going to need to do the same thing in our state The the WOULDA COULDA deserves a important focus right now again. The House is on fire. We gotta put that the fire in the house out and then we got to begin to get back on our feet and then at that point we have to look back and say what can we have done differently governor. Murphy God bless you. God bless the citizens of New Jersey. Stay in touch. Let us know what you need. We really appreciate your taking the time. Thanks for happy. Easter my next guest is one of the few governors who has.

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