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Have been some amazing moves out there and it is well and truly season right now. . On. . The shots where I guy from I'm looking for the wake league is all the way to the fifteen minute timeframe are what? ? Made investments recently into verge. . I've made investments recently into novels. . The known abbreviated version of nells. . About an signed now's his novels Molina. . And that's only gonNA. . Make sense if you are a rugby head especially, , if you're Kiwi rugby hit, , he's just now tonight <hes> looking at the weekly here looking at the weekly on verge on looking to capture these markets in what I understand, , which is reading, , Chop noted that people have their fundamental views and what and that's fine. . I've got no issue with debt if America say it that way I don't see the value in nice fundamental because I don't believe there's enough there may look at that's a kite. . So h their own, , but I'm on is this just fall on the way to do it? ? You know what I mean. . For mates shots, , I'm doing great. . This great two-day does it a rocket off with massive moves like banned for example, , what an example that is absolutely kicked us. . This baynes some monster moves and I just want to make sure that you're you're aware of it and that you're involved in it because man, , this is what this market is about. . It's about these sorts of things. . We are going absolutely. . Jets crack is at the moment the it is all season big-time <unk>. . Whether you a looking at your investment. . So you're looking at your <unk> fundamentally looking at investments I mean, , look go back and have a look on the second of. . August. . Go that can have a look at that little bullish candle on the to date shot on band bitcoin wrought from that point to where it is. Now . he's over two hundred and sixteen percent, , and that was one simple tried you could've taken. . Simple stuff technical analysis people say, , Oh, , it doesn't work people has that have no idea they're wrong and don't forget base. . With paypal. . What I mean by this is all been trying to fifteen years ornate come down in the show know what I'm doing been doing this for nearly Longa. . Out there on the where of a prophet maybe talk. . Nearly everybody I've been doing this long before that doesn't make me better. . It doesn't mean that I should be you know. . something. . Special note at all, , it just means it of God experienced God's of work with is of what with. . Is the big deal and create their rotten are. . To call the exchange of what the New York Stock Exchange tried station CNC markets. . I mean, , the CNA. . Credibility, , it leaves here. . What I'm saying is for you if you're sitting on the fence in your bid on shoal, , stop it. . Stop It. . I've got that much free content if foyer. . But that much stuff saucer that say what you think that you should go fill your boots,

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