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Security is tied on the esplanade but the mood is festive thousands will the gathering fortnight's fourth of july celebrations the boston pops concert followed by the fireworks and the cannons no coolers their backpacks are allowed we list of those items on our website and everyone has to go through a security screening so by your time make time for that as well for the third time a rainbow flag get in front of a lull church has been vandalized and now forty four states including massachusetts of now refused to give voter information to president trump's commission investigating alleged voter fraud and this story nokahoma woman is accused of trying to hire someone on craigslist to kill her exhusband cbs steve futterman with the story is a bizarre plot hires someone in the us to travel to israel to kill your ex husband using the highly toxic poison roisin that's exactly what thirty seven year old danielle lehman this accused of federal prosecutors say the oklahoma woman posted net on craigslist the ad described this is a 10day gig overseas someone who responded to the ad contacted the fbi lehman is in custody hearing is set for next week steve futterman cbs news police in derry new hampshire are trying to track down the person who left us sick cat in a cardboard box at a local walmart our surveillance video shows a woman placing the box inside of a shopping cart right at the entrance of the store and then leaving she's unseen getting into a darkcolored car and being driven away when the cat was found checked out it was so malnourished it had to be euthanized by vets police are investigating this as an act of animal crew rule taye and a terminally ill british baby suffering from a rare genetic disease that has left him severely braindamaged might be leaving britain for treatment correspondent diana magny reports the vatican hospital is willing to take little charles guard in how harsh it sounds great omon street treats very very ill babies and patience all the time they will be pushing in place a proper end of life plan that the parents can bear to make the withdrawal of treatment and charlie's case more than one and a half million dollars have been have been raised to help the baby leave britain for treatment but three british courts have ruled it's in the baby's best interest to be allowed to die with dignity hello.

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