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Take Kazan, man. Ever seen? Really? Yep. Yeah. That's right. How did he live? Ilya was in his eighties put sharp he got caught up in the McCartney and attractive. And I heard that name for many about him McCartney bites. He got blackballed from Holly. Welcome. Everybody to another episode of hot box with Mike Tyson. I'm Evan Britain. Mike, tighten my. Yes. How are you brother? Pretty awesome today. We have really cool cool gas. Mickey Rourke Maki, welcome. Thank you very much. Really nice to be seen Mike in, you know, quite a long time. It's awesome show. Hang on Monaco together. I remember. Cody drink it of magnum issue with no shirts on. Yeah. Also, I remember that. Yeah. And we've also got our brother Chuck Zito in the house. You'll yo Mike Evin back about. Shook did you get did you convince Mickey to come in? Convince my asked him you say, you love through many awesome, Mike and while and it's great now. Almost a great podcast. I haven't she makes it we were Monaco and very funny story. I think very few people know about over here, but Mike, and I had to present in a word to someone. Right. A music award. I don't want to say the guy's name because I don't like to do. Anyway, we had to present an award to somebody, and they had the lines on a monitor and Mike, and I had to read the lines off the monitor now earlier in the day. They gave us both the set alight. So we just took off his motorcycle somewhere disappeared all day. So we we went over the lines for like ten seconds here that we get to the show, and we're doing the lines. And of a sudden, I can't read the lines. Mike kit, say the lies and Mike says your line. I know Mike, that's your. It was just. He's a really great dancer. What year was that? I don't. Well, known each other longtime a long time when. Paulie herman. Yeah. Paulie be back in the day. Cool, man. So the back over twenty five years. That's awesome. I remember I did I was foolish enough to say I'll do an exhibition against guy was a former light heavyweight champion. I never sparked headgear on. Why did you do that mic? I never I never headgear. Because Jerry, Corey never sparred with gear who was like somebody. I always looked up to you know, because he was the only white fighter that could fight, you know, and it was like I never were gears the night that we did after noon it we did the exhibition against world champion Thomas St. Thomas St. right, Frank thank freight tape. Bill Satan's putting irises so Bill Satan's putting headgear I go Bill. I can't wear. He's going you. Gotta wear it for this. And I just got the piss boxed out who me, and I could hear the audience for you know, three or four rounds come on Miki, Mike Mike out there. Route way on you know, and it was like, that's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was. Wasn't a good day for me the guy with the picking of McCain. Now. Now, what happened was he caught me with a good punch? So I faked like I was hurt. And then he east that back then I came over with a right? And he gave me a he gave me a school. And after that, it frac- at the time was very great fighter. You know? Yeah. No doubt mean history of ERI. Underrated. You know name that you don't hear a lot. Yeah. He could he could go. Absolutely. Well, I mean as prolific as you are as an actor boxing is really your your heart. Man. Right. You know, people asked me that question..

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