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You'll never miss any of the show. Like the interview we did yesterday with cinema the newsmakers whether it be national local. They're all at MAC and Gaydos at the podcast. Make sure you subscribe by texting the word podcast to four one one nine two three Phoenix police, and I would assume all police departments they want to interact with the community. They want the community to know that they are reliable. They protect and serve. They're good people. And they want this community to not be against them. But to be with them is the secret to that giving away free ice cream. I'm looking at a picture. Of a Phoenix police ice cream truck. Yeah. It's a Phoenix police van that is got the Phoenix police logo. But it's also got written on it. And and ice cream pictures of ice cream on it. Oh vanilla comb chocolate comb. Maybe they've got mint chocolate. Chip McCaw bottle rockets. I dunno. I lived in the middle of nowhere. I'd never had a I never had ice cream trucks. When I was a kid, but I will tell you one finger at indoor plumbing as a kid. I did. He came later, but we did. The one thing I hope because this thing is decked out. Okay. That's great. I hope to God. The Phoenix police department did not put that did not put that that ice cream music in there because the ice cream with a play that music, and they go up and down the street, a creeps people out, man. I hate it. I can't stand it. So I hope. I hope they don't have that. Runaway. Just exactly like I feel like a clown is going to jump of the of the right? Yeah. I'm gonna get mugged or worse. Hey, can what an ice cream cone? No, no, I.

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