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So they ended up they didn't really do a lot of postproduction they did a lot alive to tape stuff in the studio which you here's what they tracked in real time uh oglala out october thirteen th and he's also on tour starting this fall i'm going to see if i can get this uh young man into the into the tiny desk to mpr played the tiny desk get a little strength or fit there yeah give the string section yard we need to take a short break okay and when we come back from the break i i have two more chicago artis to latch onto that billy corgan low yet for their all smashing pumpkins from chicago yeah support for this podcast than the following message come from red bull radio the place to tune in and discover great music that's nudie you whether it's the latest dance hall out of kingston techno from berlin underground hiphop or old soul jams you'll know what you're looking for when you hear it listen at red bull radiocom from music handpicked by influential artists journalists and djs plus indepth interviews and live performances from festivals around the globe so i mentioned b four went to the break could have two more chicago wars actually they're both on the same song musset a great partnership that we all know we've put on our show before this is jeff tweedy with mavis staples nyima his friend mavis staples in a two of them uh maybe staples has been singing now for eight decades elia you know since she was little mavis staples was with her family banned the staple singers they played for scotland music and churches and then the gospel circuit all over american ann had pop hits.

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