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Point two billion dollar shortfall on our streets and sidewalks, we need money to be vested in parks public safety. So whatever we can be successful in Sacramento with it for homelessness or DC. It's for infrastructure. My job is to be the leader and bingos as many dollars homeless possible. The ultimately change the quality life. Everybody knew city. I think that's one thing. That is incumbent your job. We have to have a good relationship while city and county where there was a rift for a long time. I think that's been healed for the most part. Let me give you one good example of that. This is a couple of years not too many people know about this. But back in two thousand seventeen we were close to the grizzlies ballpark being basically locked up and closed out for lack of payment, and the time the this was an ownership group at the city money and the county money a lot of people money we worked directly with the county to avoid that. I was successfully election in the owners of the grizzlies at said, you anybody's welcome to talk to the owners the bakers and say that had I not won that race. I'm not sure what the outcome of baseball would have been in city of Fresno. But because of this and our success negotiating the contract with the their ownership group. We've probably have the best condition stadiums at Rabanne. They recently invested about three and a half million dollars in on certain prevents your bottom line is improving the tennis's improving, and that's all good. Not only for downtown is good for the entire city of Fresno. To have the time. Yeah. I do. What is the status with the stadium? Now. I mean, there's always been problems with the rant and revenue generation at all that are we? Yeah. It sounds like we're looking a little better. This actually was a debated item in the in the two thousand sixteen election. We're Henry had said that we are one point five being a rent was the right rant has never going to change. If anything we should raise it. I said, no we done a study from the business point of view, everybody. The the two pedestals in part were not successful. Because there was too high would have to reduce the rent about five hundred thousand words currently at. So that was one of the reasons the new ownership group did not one in to win the election. So it was important that we negotiate his contract and this contract we put about twenty million dollars aside because one of the problems in the past was the maintenance of the stadium. You get a forty five million dollar asset. You've got to have a plan to maintain it. So we put twenty million dollars aside initially then on the third year every year, both the owner and the city puts in money. We did a thirty year plan to address. Things from cdn lighting roofs. And so on that stadium will always be in top condition and be a great amenity the city of Fresno. I think it's always been in terms of its quality. It's it's a show piece. It's it's wonderful. I was against the way that it was financed. And built in the beginning. It was gonna take a penny out of Fresno. Give us the land of we're going to do it. But maybe one of these days, it'll turn into something that might produce, you know, some major bucks or three us continue gonna wrap yourself shortly with LeBron. I again, you know, if you want you want to jump in here four nine zero fifty eight fifty eight hundred seven seven six fifty eight fifty couple of callers standing by. And we will do that might.

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