Zucker, FOX, CNN discussed on The Mark Levin Show


You know what we're going to be a straight up news operation and they never really that straight up straight enough and so they made a decision under this guy zucker i guess his name is to move hard left in to try and get that audience so they're really competing with msnbc they're not competing with fox but this is why you see the hosts on cnn and msnbc constantly trashing people on fox and the more successful the host the more they trash the person and we talked about hannity you know who else they trash this guy charles blow who has a blow harder right for the new york slimes he attacked fox france you see ducey stupid and kilmeade ducey is stupid and the other one stove everybody stupid on fox and friends and yet they're not they're actually very sharp but they're very enjoyable to watch their very entertaining their compelling but they hate them because trump likes them so you you have these constant attacks on these hosts constant attacks on these programs digging into their personal life digging into their personal investments trying to make these these outrageous allegations about conflicts of interests and so forth and so what the hell do we know about any other investments what do we know about any of their lawyers these are intentional investigations funded by these news outlets to try and take out their competition i've never seen anything like it all right my friend excellent call we'll be right back.

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