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There helped me on. I'm Gary more. What a what a classy guy, great guy. And he he was brought the team into Michigan for that great upset in. What was it two thousand seven was the next year? The next day the. The next game. Goodness. Completely in the tank. I remember. Yeah. Because they said that was the game against you guys. And then the very opening the next year dots done the brand does so many great things this past game though. I mean, really no the thing that really highlights what kind of coach done is stay in game adjustment. I mean, not even having to get over to the sideline and chalk up to the defense. You know, what the adjustment is going to be? He's already got the call. He's already got the the way to to make the adjustment. You know on the on the very very next call. And I mean it's game after game. It's halftime after Taff time. It's just with nummy repetition. And we saw this past week. We get the they ran the they get the long run. And and then just made he made the adjustment made the made the call and that got got hit in the head the next time. They ran it for for zero gain. I mean, it's most coaches can't do that. Most in a lot of. Yeah. The end game the end game adjustments to see it from the silent to not even the advantage of seen it from the box or seeing it on video or seeing you know, some coaches say they've got to check the tape. They'll get back to you. But there's a fallacy in some ways people look at your kind of defense. They just think it's sick. Hey, just pick up. We're just going to sic them. And sick of I think there's more coaching done in your situation because out of position not proper leverage big plays or there to happen unless well-coached real you hundred percent right coaching when you're playing you have to be gap sound, and you really have to be gaps on when you send them and the overlap from the second area so important in their fix because like we tell those guys to one thing when you come to Michigan DB's get their hands dirty. They got a tackle they got to run in hit. They gotta fit the run game. And on the flip side of that coin. And they know they're gonna play a lot of man coverage, but the front guys got to get their hands dirty and rush the passer. So it's an eleven man deal for sure and you hundred percent, right. When you when you blitz, and you gotta make sure you hit you fits otherwise. You're not gap sound they're going to be big runs. And in the secondary man to man, the ball's going to be caught. And it's man to man, I mean, you don't have sown where Levin guys are looking at the ball and run into. I mean in the secondary not run into it. I mean, it is man to man their off somewhere doing their thing. You have got to have sure hands and be able to tackle we we. We're blessed. We really are. We've got three guys at corner. Brandon Watson, David long, liberty hill. Those three guys playing a high level Embry Thomas is coming out of his show. Coach's using them on offense as well. And into special teams. So you just see in his confidence begin to rise. And you know, obviously had a big interception to end it on Saturday. So he certainly coming into his own in the way. Josh Mattel us in Taibbi kennel plan. Brad Hawkins gutters. Got his start this week in back in his home state. So, you know, we really feel good about the way we're playing back there and. You know, obviously, those guys got a lot of responsibility, you know, in terms of not only the run game. But the past game was well talk a Devon Bush at middle linebacker in the front away. They rush in the secondary. But those other linebackers, you know, the, the fiber, and oh, yeah, I'm back or play has been outstanding. Yeah, click Hudson..

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